Jason Morgan

Jason Morgan

The investigation involving the actions of Richmond Commissioner Jason Morgan have been turned over to the office of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

This announcement was made by Assistant Chief of Richmond Police Rodney Richardson, on Tuesday afternoon.

“The investigation up to this point has been turned over to the attorney general's office,” Richardson said, whose department was formerly in charge of the investigation.

His department presented the case to County Attorney Jennie Haymond, and the case was later referred to the AG.

“All we can do is present the facts that you have to the prosecutor and go from there,” Richardson said. “There could be a recommendation for charges, then they go from there and do what needs to be done. It is no different than dealing with anyone else in the community.”

Morgan’s conduct was turned over to RPD and the CA’s office after a unanimous vote by the other Richmond commissioners in August.

An executive session was called to discuss potential litigation which involved an incident between the commissioner and the former IT Director, Tracy Bryant, whom he allegedly coerced to access personal information of an additional city employee, according to official documents obtained by The Richmond Register.

The documents show that on either July 9 or 10, Morgan contacted Bryant and claimed another city employee had personal information on their work computer, and asked her if they could provide that to him.

Reports claim Morgan told Bryant the entirety of the commission wanted to fire the other city worker.

Following that, on Saturday, July 11, Bryant allegedly went inside City Hall, accessed the other employee's personal email files with Morgan on the phone, and sent him screenshots, the documents state.

On July 14, the documents state Morgan went before several of his colleagues and informed them he had Bryant look up the personal files. Morgan then accused the employee he was investigating of taking bribes from an independent contractor in the city based on the information he uncovered.

According to documents obtained by The Richmond Register, Morgan’s allegations against the city employee do not appear to be supported by any evidence.

But now, both Morgan and Bryant could be facing serious felony or misdemeanor charges.

Bryant was terminated from her position with the city in August after nearly two months paid suspension.

The AG’s office could not comment on the investigation and has no current timeline for a decision.

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