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At the Feb. 23 Madison County Board of Education special called meeting, the board went over renovations to Clark-Moores Middle School.

Such plans are being finalized with construction slated to start in the summer.

Tony Thomas, a representative of the architecture firm Clotfelter-Samokar, presented examples of the schematics for the work done at Clark-Moores Middle School. He explained once the board approved the design and development, the next step will be design development.

He plans for those phases to come to fruition within six weeks — adding that at the April board meeting, a final project can be approved. This fast pace makes it possible to get construction underway when school is out for the summer.

First, Thomas presented the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) checklist for the renovations. He explained this list asks questions to ensure the upgrades fit design and standard protocols to keep students and staff safe.

“It (CPTED) asks are we, collectively, making sure we design in accordance with what is in the safest interest of the staff and the students of the school building,” Thomas said. “And the answer is, 'Yes.'”

The renovations feature a student drop-off area, locked doors, access control, and more. Thomas said conforming to the upgrades is working to those standards. He said the design features secure access to the building, all new doors throughout the building, and safety classroom locks so a teacher can lock their door.

Thomas then went over the site plan, and said not much has changed since he last presented the project.

He noted an addition of a parent pickup line which will make it possible to add about 40 or 50 cars to the pickup line. The design also features an expansion of the freezer and cooler portion of the kitchen area. There will also be an approximately 3,000 square foot addition to the back of the building. As well as athletic fields including a football and baseball area. And an approximately 3,000 square foot athletic building will feature an open concessions window, two locker rooms, three storage units, bathrooms, and more.

Thomas noted these renovations are made in the hopes the new Clark-Moores Middle School building will be energy-efficient. He said they are planning to put insulated brick as a part of the building now, which is a change to the original plan. Thomas explained it would cost a bit more money, but he said it would hopefully pay for itself with cost and energy saving. He noted there would also be LED-efficient lighting in the school.

As for the cost estimate for these renovations, Thomas said the price point had gone up. He explained the last time the board saw the cost, it did not factor in the brick or the kitchen cooler and freezer addition and other things. Initially, the price was slated to be around $4.9 billion. The cost will now be $6,998,531. Thomas said by approving this stage of the renovation process, the board is not committing to these funds. This is just an estimate of if the board put in a bid today, what the cost would be.

The board voted to approve the design and development for Clark-Moores Middle School renovation project as presented.

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