Keep off the grass, that's what a Richmond City ordinance says in regards to parking.

According to Tyler Stone, Richmond Planning and Zoning Clerk, Ashland Church, located at 700 South Keeneland, has been given until the January Board of Adjustments meeting to find a solution to their parking problem which left several cars utilizing a grassy area for their vehicles, so they were told during Wednesday's meeting.

In 2015, a conditional use permit to use the property, zoned industrial, as a church was granted, however, it noted that only five vehicles could be parked in a back gravel lot. Yet, some were using a nearby grassy area to park. A city ordinance says that parking in, or any other unimproved service is prohibited,

During Wednesday's Board of Adjustments meeting, board members had the option of revoking the conditional use permit altogether or to require the church to find another parking solution; they opted for the later.

Parking alternatives noted could include shuttling church members from another parking area, paving a back lot or placing down parking mats to help the grass support vehicles.

Property owner Rodney Davis told the board that he wants to be a good neighbor and would research parking alternatives and present this solution to them, though it would take some time. He was given until January.

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During discussion, Planning and Zoning Director Jason Hart reported that his department had received word the city now has a class eight ranking in the FEMA National Flood Insurance Program Community Rating System.

Because of this, any insurance policy, issued or renewed, will now receive a 10-percent discount as of Oct.1, 2018, Stone said. Previously, Richmond had held a class nine ranking which came with a 5-percent discount. The city became ranked in 2015.

The ranking is based on updated flood policies, including stricter building codes and standards, said Stone, noting the Planning and Zoning Department maintains the necessary paperwork and groundwork to be part of the program.

The next Richmond Board of Adjustments meeting will be held Oct. 3 at 5:30 p.m. at Richmond City Hall.

Berea Board of Adjustments

During an Aug. 22 Berea Board of Adjustments meeting, a 3-foot variance was approved for a rear-yard setback from 25 feet to 22 feet for a property located at 1504 Phyllis Drive, owned by Richard Dougherty and Robin Taffler.

The next Berea Board of Adjustments meeting date is TBD.

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