Another resident in Madison County has died from the coronavirus as of Aug. 25. 

This brings the total count of three COVID-19 related deaths in the county. 

The announcement was made in a social media post by the county health department on Wednesday afternoon. 

Additionally, 31 new cases were also reported in the post, bringing the total count to 1,204 cases. 

Six people are being treated in the hospital, and 623 cases are recovering at home. Five hundred and seventy-two individuals have recovered. 

The health department is also warning people of scam text messages from an 877 with "positive test results." 

Health department officials say if you have a positive test result, MCHD case workers will contact you personally by phone, not text message.

You may correspond by test with them afterwards, but the initial contact will be by phone and not from an 877 area code. 

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