Tyler Moore, 26, Richmond, was charged with menacing, fourth-degree assault (minor injury), resisting arrest and third-degree assault of an officer transporting inmates after Richmond police arrested him on Thursday.

According to a citation, officers responded to Moore’s location in reference to a report of two cousins fighting.

When officers arrived they were directed to the bedroom where they found Moore and the victim fighting, but they stopped when they noticed officers. Moore then allegedly stood up, grabbed what appeared to be a metal pencil box, and raised it over his head.

He began to mutter incoherent sentences about “knowing his rights, being on the lease, Breonna Taylor, and it being a hate crime because he was Native American,” the citation states. Moore refused to put down the box and moved towards the west wall and attempted to pick up what looked like a cable box. He refused multiple commands to put the items down.

After a few minutes the officers started to go into the room to detain Moore and he then charged the door and forced it closed. The officers breached the door and forced it open. Moore would not comply, and the officers had to force his hands behind his back.

While the officers did this, Moore bit one of their left hands and broke skin. Moore had several minor injuries from the fight with the victim and was bleeding. The citation states that one of the officers has had violent encounters with Moore over the last 12 years, during several Moore stated he is positive for Hepatitis C.

According to the citation after officers got Moore handcuffed they had to drag/carry him out of the apartment, use leg hobbles, and put him on a stretcher to be taken to Baptist Health Richmond for medical clearance and treatment. According to the citation, another victim in the house told officers she had started to argue with Moore and the male victim stepped up to protect her, at which time the fight began. The male victim had a cut on his head, at least three visible bite marks on his stomach and chest. But he refused medical treatment. All three were highly intoxicated.

After Moore was taken to the hospital he was abusive to the staff and caused a small cut on the right hand of the ER staff member. Moore refused treatment at the hospital. He continued to scream and shake the hospital bed to the point that the officers had to grab the bed. He was then transferred to the Madison County Detention Center.

Other arrests include:

• Jarrad Burdette, 35, Berea, fourth-degree assault (dating violence/no visible injury).

• Justin Richardson, 38, Richmond, fourth-degree assault (domestic violence/no visible injury).

• Whitney Winninger, 35, Berea, first-degree promoting contraband, first-degree possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine), buying or possession of drug paraphernalia, third-degree possession of a controlled substance (drug unspecified), second-degree disorderly conduct.

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