I was just thinking the other day, once again, about the difficult time we’ve been through because of ice, snow and very cold temperatures. The governor has called it the worst natural disaster in the modern history of Kentucky. I’m not sure exactly what constitutes the modern history of our state, but he is certainly correct about the severity of this situation.

I know my readers remember the terrible devastation on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Mississippi caused by hurricane Katrina. That has been called the worst natural disaster in the history of our country. I remember thinking at the time, how could anyone have had the foresight to have been adequately prepared for a storm of that magnitude? In spite of that, President George W. Bush was accused of not getting things done quickly enough to assist the hurricane ravaged area. It was almost as if he had created the wind and rain himself. If that is fair, then would it not be just as fair to blame President Obama for this disaster. To me, neither accusation would be fair or accurate.

During the time when we were without power and things were very bleak, Nancie and I kept in touch with our friends, Jim and Phyllis McDaniels, who live across the street. It would be a bit more accurate to say that Nancie and Phyllis kept in touch by phone. During one conversation, Phyllis told Nancie that Jim was firing up their grill to fix food. Nancie asked if Jim would prepare a steak for her. The answer was no, but he did offer a hot dog.

I saw our dear friend and neighbor Diana Ackerman at the grocery store and told her I was out of firewood, and she told me she had some I could have. Once again, I ask, aren’t friends wonderful?

All this reminds me of a blonde story. A very young blonde had a part-time job at Walmart. One evening when she got off work, she walked out of the store into a blinding snowstorm. As she got into her car, she noticed a large truck with a snow blade on the front, that was plowing and scattering salt. She remembered that her dad had told her, “If you are ever caught in a snowstorm, follow a snowplow or salt truck if at all possible. That is the safest place to be.” With that in mind, she got behind the snow plow and followed for quite a long time. The driver of the snowplow/salt truck noticed she had been following him, so he finally stopped and as he was walking back to her car he noticed that she was a blonde. He motioned for her to roll down her window and when she did he asked, “Why have you continued to follow me for such a long time?” She told him what her dad had instructed her to do so he answered, “I understand. I’m nearly finished with the Walmart parking lot and will move to the Kroger lot if you want to continue to follow.”

Trivia answer

The tough World War II general who was an Olympic pentathlete in 1912 was Gen. George Patton. I have a cousin who lives near Winchester, who fought in the European Theater under General Patton.

Trivia question

The highest and lowest points in the contiguous 48 states are within 75 miles of one another. What are they?

Thought for the day

You’ll always stay young if you eat slowly, sleep sufficiently, work industriously, worship faithfully and lie about your age.

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