We have spent a week in San Diego, California. San Diego is a city with mild weather. Temperature range was 65 to 80 during the week. Never too hot and never too cold because of the Pacific Ocean. While there, we walked along the harbor each day and also enjoyed some very good seafood.

Our favorite breakfast place was Richard Walker's Pancake House. During our fourth breakfast there, which was Monday morning, we met the owner as he was greeting customers and serving coffee. He and his son Richard Jr. have two other locations in California but it all began with Richard's father Victor in Evanston, Illinois back in 1960.

While there, we saw the Fourth of July fireworks over San Diego Harbor. Then on Friday night, a few minutes after going to our 12th floor hotel room, things began to shake. This time we felt the 7.1 earthquake that was centered over 200 miles away. Fortunately nothing was damaged in that area.

We also enjoyed several versions of Cheesecake Factory desserts. The Cheesecake Factory was near the hotel!

Our main reason for going on the trip was to see Ezra, the two year old grandson. We were able to be with him several days which was the best part of the trip. Thank God for grandchildren

It was good to see Roderick, Emma and Ezra, but it is always good to be back home.

Flatwoods Christian Church will have a guest speaker this coming Sunday at 10:45 a.m. He is Tyler Greene, chaplin at Sayre Christian Village in Lexington. Everyone is invited.

Union City Christian Church will host a concert by Mark Bishop this Sunday, July 14, 6 p.m. Mark is from Madison County and has traveled the world singing Southern Gospel music.

Waco Baptist Church will have Vacation Bible School for K-1, July 15-19, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

If you wish to schedule an event at Union City Ruritan building, call Jimmy Sewell at 859-582-0989.

You can contact me by voice or text at 859-314-5146. You can also email news or photos to drtech@roadrunner.com.

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