Hello Readers.

It's a late Monday evening and it would have been my late brother's birthday.

J.T. has gone now nearly 10 years and I'm like "how did the years slip by like that?." I catch myself wondering about J.T. Alexander and how he affected so many lives. Like most people, he did his time here on this earth making me and bunches of people laugh when you didn't see anything to laugh about.

Well, let me tell you, J.T. could do that and the mainstream in his life was his Lord and Savior ... although he took time out too for the sweetest little lady in his world -- Miss Betty. They were so good with each other.

Happy birthday, brother.

Our weather here in Paint Lick is like November should be ... cold evenings and even colder, early, mornings with Old Man Jack Frost laying his coat of shiny gloss on the fields behind our house. Then towards mid-day, the sun warms our souls "if we look up."

My granddaughter tells me this cold, cold air will help take this virus away. Now, that's thinking like your Nanny, Amanda, and I'm praying you are right. We don't get together like usual, she's wary like me and a lot of others who take this illness seriously ... some don't you know.

That's O.K.

It'll all come out in the wash anyway.

Meanwhile, our weather days ahead are just as they should be and like I said in last week's column, it may be that we can take what few family we have and eat outside on the porch this Thanksgiving Day.

My black woolly worm is long and shiny all over and on my side porch with not one sign of a different color at least, not here in Lowell. It has to be the same critter that keeps track of my coming and going ... so to speak ... and he travels right toward me almost like it is wanting to nest inside my house.

Oh no!

We did get some rain on Sunday morning, but not the really strong winds that our forecasters talked about and after awhile the sun popped out with some heavy clouds making it a good weather day for lasagna and garlic bread, huh?

For me, everyday in the fall of the year is spaghetti and meat sauce weather.

I had a call last week asking about the work truck for sale in front of the station at Paint Lick.

FYI -- you can call the phone number on the front glass. I think it''s a good truck, but I'm not the person you need to call.

Maybe that's a good sign, people are stopping to look at all the happenings in our community or at least they are slowing down.

Now, Sarah, at the Paint Lick Post Office has her front lobby really looking great for the autumn season. I couldn't make it look that well when I worked there.

Thank you Ms. Sarah for taking an interest in our community and that beautiful "purple bat" on Vickie's door! It tells the story.

Work is underway for more hook ups with our sewer and I see more people driving through for a look see.

Last week, I made an error.

The Friends of Paint Lick is not open to the people but I will take your calls for any questions. I don't do many texts and hardly open this computer unless I'm fixing to write down some gossip for the week.

Just call me. I still have a landline phone and sad to say, these will become a thing of the past. I just don't want to let mine go!

Some newspapers will not publish on Thanksgiving Day, so to all my readers, I pray you will stay well.

My request for this coming week -- do something nice for someone, before Thanksgiving, and then tell them to "pass it on"

Happy birthday to my niece, Gayle Willoughby (Nov. 22) and to Mr. Ellijaha Bassler and Crystal Bowles (Nov. 23).

May God bless, Katie.

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