Hello Readers.

It's a beautiful autumn morning on this fourth day of October.

Last week's column was a bit negative about the weather, but all I see this early morning is that Mother Nature has waved a huge cloak across the trees all over Big Hill Road. It is amazing to just be still and let God and nature bring us all the beauty that we can take in.

I feel good this morning after a night of much-needed sleep as the rain kept a steady rhythm in the night.

This past Saturday was a wonderful day for Paint Lick's VillageFest, where our Main Street was covered with people from everywhere.

Time and again, I have concerns that, "this year, there won't be anybody." That's a familiar negative from some who don't come out and support their own hometown, but you know we turned out a fine day.

Paint Lick is growing folks, and I'm happy to be a part of the progress.

Event coordinator Haven Sutton and all her volunteers did a great job. While some worked hard to keep everything on an even keel, Paint Lick's own Don Weber didn't get a chance to sit down while preparing his healthy Taco's and crepes. He did a great job supporting this small village.

Many thanks to Amanda Matk and Porter, Loretta, Loraine, Gail, the Bluegrass Cloggers, the people who ran the antique car show, and so many friends who made the village come alive.

I can not say thank you enough.

Even the old Callahan Clan came out for Paint Lick and I hope for me. It sure was great to see them all.

Next year folks, things are gonna be different.

I still haven't had time to be with great grandson, Asher, since he has started preschool.

I feel older.

I am so very proud of that little boy and it hurts my heart when I can't see Asher or my Amanda because of this illness threat.

Will it never end?

I'm still practicing caution whereever I go and i pray that all my loved ones will stay safe. A lot is being done to curb this sickness and it takes us all to help.

Happy birthday to Francine this Tuesday and to another brother (Doug's) Jimmy Dale Rollins on Oct. 11.

If I missed your big day, please let me know. My phone accepts messages and I will try and answer.

Until next time ... may God bless, Katie.

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