Hello everyone.

Well, let me update you on Duane. He is feeling some better. He had another spinal tap and the results showed some improvement.

It is still going to be a slow go, but we are going to get there.

Thank you for all your prayers, cards, and special phone messages (Tommy).

Continue praying for us.

The trips back and forth to Lexington are very tiring.

For those who did not know, little Jeffery Renner built a house on Helton Lane.

I am glad for them.

They are near the finishing line and I hope to some day to be able to say the same about our garage.

Oh well, back to Jeffery's house.

My brother, Jerry was grading that yard. I noticed him as I was heading to the farm. I waved and didn't think much about it until I was returning back home from the farm.

He had finished and I had to stop my truck in the middle of the road.

Why? I just had to look at the yard. I could not believe how great it looked. It was transformed.

Again, I have to repeat myself in saying that my brother is talented. It was smooth. Dukie even commented that you could roll a marble on that yard, but that was how he did all his work.

I had to hug my brother just to let him know how proud of him I was and of course that I loved him. I hope his buddies don't "rib" him to much on the hug bit.


I am a little mushy nowadays.

Churches are you still doing your social distancing, mask and hand hygiene?

I hope this continues on to keep us all safe. Those who are immune-compromised or having medical issues, remember safety first.

It won't do you any good to get COVID-19 and not be around when it does go back to normal. It will go to normal or to at least closer normal with less risk soon.

I want to keep all my friends and neighbors around.

Be safe.

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