At their June meeting, the GOP Ladies Republican Club heard from Madison County Judge/Executive Reagan Taylor.

Club Vice President Debbie Lambdin introduced Taylor, who said he had just returned from a conference of judges collaborating with the Kentucky Association of Counties.

"We have done some marvelous things in restructuring in how our county government operates," he told the club. "I would like to thank you for supporting me and returning me to County Judge/Executive's office in order to work for Madison County. It has afforded me the opportunity to travel a lot. We had a Judges conference at the Lexington Marriott today.

"Through my work as County Judge, I have developed friendships with other County Judges which affords me opportunities to collaborate with other successful counties. We learn a lot from each other."

Taylor said he was able to run for position with the Kentucky Association of Counties. He won and this year is the 1st Vice President of the KAC. Next year, he'll have the opportunity to run for President of the KAC.

"It is tied to NACo' National Association of Counties. Being on that executive committee, we have a really good opportunity to share at the national level," Taylor said. "One of my colleagues, from me being President of KAC, is Judge Gary Moore who is now the President of the National Association of Counties. It gives Madison County a great opportunity for me to be attending that Conference in July."

Taylor spoke about the upcoming Census in 202. He said many people don't realize the importance of the Census to the county.

"The monies we receive at a national level is tied to the census," he told the club. "Education, transportation, job creation are all affected by the census. We have an opportunity to gain increased federal funding based on how accurate the census is and the participation of all citizens to fill out their census forms.

"In Madison county, we will shortly be losing thousands of jobs based on the closing of the depot's incineration of chemicals. We are taking part in a census that will be critical to our being able to overcome the loss of revenues those workers brought into the county. If a 5-year old child is not counted in that census, we will not receive the educational funds needed to educate them over the next 10 years, or until the next census."

Taylor said the county is taking part in investor opportunity zones. He noted it will take $15-20 million to finish the airport, and added it will cost more than $3 million per year to maintain the emergency system.

Taylor then talked about the drug epidemic and the cost it will take to bring it under control.

"We have children, grandparents and parents all in jail together as a result of drug related charges," he said.

Taylor spoke about the county purchasing the former Chase Bank building, which will be used as part of the $9-10 Million county court house renovation project. He said the county needs to secure that building for public safety.

"Now, we have people passing in the halls that are being tried for drug charges, murder," he said.

Taylor said local elected government officials are a great group of leaders that work together.

Taylor finished by saying that Doug Fritz, chairman of the Berea Rotory, gave him as an honorary member a coin that holds him accountable.

"It reminds me of why I am doing this," Taylor told the club. "'Service above self.' I make it a commitment to you."

The next meeting of the GOP Ladies Republican Club will be July 12 at 6 p.m. It's the club's annual Pot Luck Picnic at Madison County Fairgrounds (3237 Old Irvine Road). There will be a $10 donation at the door. It is a meet and greet State and Local candidates. Keynote speaker is scheduled to be Dr. Ralph Alvarado, candidate for Lt. Governor. There will be both an auction by Lonnie Napier and a silent auction. The food is provided by the GOP LADIES REPUBLICAN CLUB.

Call Nancy Binetsch, President, for more details and advanced tickets at 859-200-3273.

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