Hello readers.

It’s been a hectic weekend with the rising creek behind us and our garden stood in water after the rain stopped. We got over 3 inches and while I was happy to see the cooler temperatures, it was devastation for the people in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, when their homes flooded and people climbing out windows to reach a safe place from the rising waters that tore up their lives.

I am so grateful for each rainfall we have, but I cannot imagine the feelings in the hearts of those who watched as all they had was swept away.

Getting back to the water in my garden, I have some major weeding to get done this week and after working and pulling the tall creek weeds for more than two hours on Monday evening, I began to feel the torture of using muscles while in a strain. I could barely walk across my kid’s yard when I finally gave up for the evening.

Talk about “out of shape,” from the feel of my body the next day, I am already gone. I am gonna finish this in the next couple days, for sure, then no more weeding and I am tickled with my first cukes of the year and my half runners are lining the ropes that we strung to hold them in place.

The Paint Lick Cemetery Board has asked that everyone who placed flowers on the grave lots at the Manse to please pick them up so the maintenance man can do his job.

It is truly a beautiful cemetery, so let’s all keep it that way by picking up any blown or torn flower arrangements that you may want to keep. Thank you for your part in helping to keep it looking as good as it does. It takes the whole of everyone in a community to keep to keep things stable.

The Garrard County Library and the Kentucky Department of Libraries are doing the Summer Reading Program again this year at various places throughout the county and The Paint Lick Christian Church is the place to be on Thursdays at 1 p.m. This past week, we had a total of 17 to come and share in the joys of reading and fun times. Everyone is welcome and you can call me at 925-2203. If I do not answer, please leave a message. I will get back to you. This reading becomes more and more important each year, especially in the life of a child and even the adults. I learn something every summer that I didn’t know pertained to reading. Plan on being with us or call the Library at 1-859-792-3424.

We have only four more Thursdays to participate in the program and you will miss some great stuff if you fail to take part in the Summer Reading Program.

I have noticed an interest in some new people who wish to revive The Paint Lick Sportsman’s Club and make the place come alive again with people helping people. I will help in any way possible. Debra Messenger of CopperHead Consultants Inc. has asked that we conduct a meeting to get this beautiful place stirred up and use it for the good of our community. I will have more details in future news. I think if we all work together, we can do anything!  

My greatest sympathies go out to the family of Brother Bill Pack, who left this old world for his “special place in heaven.” I will truly miss him and all his jolly ways.

Look for the up-and-coming July 4 Camp Meeting at The Gospel Barn and Old Paths Church of God with Walter and Myrtle Jones. It will start on Tuesday, July 8, and run through July 11, featuring morning services, also. You can call Walter at 925-3011. Their only son was in a really bad vehicle crash a couple weeks back and he is still in serious condition in a Lexington hospital. That family needs your heartfelt prayers from way down. Please put them in your daily thoughts.

The Paint Lick Christian Church sends deep regards to Shawn Stratton and his family on the passing of Shawn’s father, Michael Blaine Stratton, on Monday, June 16. A brand new grandson, Evan Thomas, had just entered into Mr. Stratton’s life and I know he will surely be missed. Our prayers are with the family in their time of sorrow.

The Fifth Sunday Hymn Sing will be conducted June 29 at the Bethel Christian Church at 6 p.m. and everyone is welcome to share in our joys of fellowship as we sing His many praises.

Happy birthday to my big brother Loyd Jr. (JR) today, Keith Davidson and Karen D. Jones, twins of Dru Davidson, on Sunday, Carol Richardson, niece of Dru Davidson, and our very own Linda Gruen, both on Monday, Miss Beth Moore on Tuesday, Becky Griffith, daughter of Betty Henderson, on Wednesday and Shannon Dale next Thursday.

May God bless.

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