Hello Readers.

It's another beautiful Tuesday morning here in Lowell with an early sunrise just over the creek behind our house. There's a chill in the air that wanted to keep me in bed, but I had some extra washing to go on the line and it's such a great day for cleaning up and getting out.

It's springtime folks!

I truly enjoyed the Good Friday services at Wallaceton Baptist Church and I was pleased that my friend Janet could be there with me. We had lots of people show up, some of which I hadn't seen in over a year.

Things are looking better all around.

More and more people are receiving the new vaccination for protection. I have heard from a few who believe the shot will keep us all safe from this terrible illness and I totally believe that.

Still, we need to follow all the guidelines set by the CDC. These rules will be followed inside the Friends of Paint Lick building when we reopen for our faithful patrons this coming week. We will have two volunteers each day and there will be someone to help and a face covering or mask is required. Hand sanitizer and wipes will be available.

You will need to wear a mask when entering our building.

No exceptions!

We have a variety of people who come out for assistance and we will try and help you in any way we can. I will look forward to our reopening on Tuesday and then I hope to be there on Thursday (April 15).

We volunteers do thank you all for your patience during the past year. We will not be accepting any donations this first week as a deep cleaning is taking priority

We will have signs on the bulletin board and on our front door to keep you informed of our rules and in order to try and keep everyone as safe as possible.

Easter Sunday afternoon at the Rollin's house was a smashing hit. My family was here and great grandchildren Asher and Eleanor and Miss Emily had their first egg hunt at Granny Katie's and Pappaw Doug's house.

Of course Emily Rose slept the day away, but I think the other two did what kids do, and they had fun.

A lot of pictures for my memories.

Thanks to Grandpa Joe for helping with the babies. Thanks to all of you for making my day really special.

Happy birthday to Mr. Evan Thomas Stratton this Saturday (April 10) and lots of special wishes for Miss Melanie Wood on April 13.

Have a wonderful week.

May God bless, Katie.

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