Corey Kenton

Corey Kenton of Richmond will be perform Oct. 31 at Rupp Arena prior to the Garth Brooks concert.

Born, raised and still residing in Madison County, Corey Kenton is just a normal small town guy with a big dream.

Kenton graduated from Model High School and then attended Eastern Kentucky University. During his freshman year at EKU, Kenton’s brother was given a guitar as a gift by his parents. His brother wasn’t interested in learning how to play, so Kenton decided to take his try at it.

“I taught myself to play guitar, started writing songs and then began playing in front of people,” he said. “The first time I played in front of a big crowd was at EKU’s Greek Sing, and I fell in love with the crowd. I knew immediately that performing was exactly what I wanted to do.”

A songwriter as well as a singer, Kenton writes his music about personal experiences or events that may personally affect someone close to him.

“Somebody is always breaking my heart,” Kenton said laughing. “My favorite song that I have written is called ‘Bring on the Burn,” or ‘She’s my Country.’ I can’t base an entire song on every detail of my life, but they usually start out with events in my life.”

In a perfect world, Kenton said he would like to continue living in Madison County for as long as he can and work on his music career from here.

“Eventually, I’ll probably have to move to Nashville to work, record another album and expand my music career. But right now I am able to live here close to my family, and it’s working out really well for me,” Kenton said. “My family is putting up with me following this crazy dream. Friends have always supported me, and my boys, Sundy Best, have allowed me to go on the road with them and play a little bit. Everyone has done their part in helping me follow my dreams.”

Something that Kenton will never get used to is having fans.

“It’s something I’ve always dreamed about. I’ll be in Wal-Mart and see someone wearing one of my shirts, and I kind of have to stop, and smile. It’s a crazy feeling,” Kenton said. 

Besides writing music, Kenton has a few other goals.

“I just want to be able to perform music the rest of my life and support myself and my family,” he said. “I am a big family guy. If I can make them and myself proud, that is all that really matters to me.”

The weather is getting cooler, so Kenton’s schedule will start picking up at the indoor venues that he normally plays. However, Kenton is especially excited about a few new events he will be playing at this fall.

“I will be playing at EKU homecoming, and about a month ago I was asked to play Oct. 31 at Rupp Arena just before the Garth Brooks show for the 98.1 The Bull Pre Party,” Kenton said. “I am a huge Garth Brooks fan. He is my biggest inspiration because he is so uccessful and has such a passion for his fans.”

This week alone, Kenton has written three new songs that he hopes will debut on his next album.

“I am always writing new material, but these songs will definitely be on the album that I plan to start recording this winter,” Kenton said. “My path has always been a little different, and I have always been interested in different things than most people from Madison County. But I like thinking outside of the norm, and I am so lucky to have people who support, follow and respect me as a musician.”

Check out Kenton’s first album, ‘She’s My County,’ and follow him on twitter @CoreyKentonck to hear the latest about him and find out when his upcoming shows are scheduled.

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