Hello everyone.

Thanksgiving is here and it just seems like I was writing about cutting and rolling hay.

Now, I'll have to talk about feeding the hay. Oh yes, that time has already started.

It is not so bad.

Just another required chore for the farmers.

My thoughts on hayfeed time is that there will be snow soon. The seasons seem to pass by so fast. The trees have been hanging onto their beauty, but I am afraid this cool rain will do them in.

I have recently acquired some steers. LOL -- Mike Estes.

I enjoy expanding my herd with my new baby calves, not so much from visitors. I get nothing in the long run from someone else's cattle, except maybe some fun.

Us farmers try to work together, so Mike it may take me a little while but I will get them up for you.

This will actually be a challenge for me, my first. Dad always separated visiting cattle. So I hope I share some of his patience and skill.

I will add a little prayer each time and God will help me. He always has been there for me.

Well, the Full Gospel Tabernacle will be having a Christmas program on Saturday, Dec. 11 at 6 p.m. and a repeat on Sunday, December 12 at 11 a.m.

It will be a great program, so make every effort to be there. I am sure some of the neighboring churches will be having a program as well.

I ask them to call me at 859-582-1863 and let me know so I can put in the column. I am sure everyone would like to enjoys the other churches Christmas events as well.

I noticed that the Mt. Pleasant church got a new roof.

This old church is a great feature to our community. There have been many years of great worship in that church. I have even been able to participate in some of their homecomings. It was a great joy to join in with them for a special service.

Thank you Reverend Miller for the invites in the past. I hope this new roof brings more progress to the church for more enjoyable services.

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