Hello everyone!

It's Monday evening and already the air is stifling, making even me want to go inside to the kitchen fan.

We have one window air conditioning unit, but we do Ok. With the shady trees, it's peaceful to just nod off on a cool morning while the morning wind stirs the trees.

I've been in the garden every day, weeding, watering and getting a whiff of ripe tomatoes, and i think you all would agree ... there's no smell akin to the first fresh, ripe, big tomato plant.

Some days, it feels unbearable in the 80 to 90 degree heat, but considering the exercise. It also relieves any stress that I take on myself and our garden is in fine shape.

Hopefully, we'll have some rain by the end of the week.

I just returned from a meeting relating to Paint Lick's VillageFest, our annual event, which is still trucking along after 34 years.

Thanks to so many volunteers, we are getting off to a good start with lots of of happenings and a variety of events to keep us all hopping on Saturday Oct. 1.

Keep that date on your books. Applications will be available at Copperhead Consulting or you can ask for one at Friends of Paint Lick. Just give us a call at 859-925-2417.

More details later.

Just received the news that there will not be an election for the two openings to the fire board at the Cartersville and Paint Lick Fire Dept.

Mr. Bill West was re-appointed by the Fiscal Court in the June 13 meeting . Also, the elected position for a property owner will be filled by Mr. Bill Lake, he, being the only applicant showing an interest.

Thereby no regular election was held.

Mr. Charlie Gruen resigned from the board in protest of the Fiscal Court continually going against any wishes of the fire board. Charlie said he feels the actions of the Fiscal Court are a no-confidence vote in his leadership.

I like Charlie and I think he did the right thing. As it's said, I've been there and done that.

Once again, happy birthday to Doug's sister, Carolyn Ray (June 21) and to Linda Gruen (June 23).

I have a six-foot beautiful white Christmas tree for the taking. It has 100 multi-colored and clear lights, which turn on at the touch of a button.

If someone doesn't call for this nice tree, it will be trashed. It needs saving and used for the smiling eyes of a child on Christmas morning.

Call me at 925- 2203 and please leave a message. I'll probably be in the garden.

May God bless — and in your prayers this evening, ask for some rain.

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