Hello Readers.

This past Monday morning broke out into a cool, beautiful day and even with the clouds hanging overhead I felt good, hoping that some rain was on the way.

It would mean a new natural thirst for our tomato plants, cabbage and potatoes.

There isn't anything better for the gardens than that first spring rain, and Yes, we've seen enough of the wet stuff, but we still need it to survive.

I believe more people are into growing their own food this year and it looks good to see everyone out working alongside each other.

I can remember working with Papaw Ray on his small three acres here in Lowell. We picked up so many rocks out in field that I thought I would drop when we finished for the day.

But, he would find something else the next day to keep up the pace of keeping things picked up around the little patch of tobacco that he raised every year, excepting the last five years of his life.

I now have that work knowledge in cleaning out his old ramshackle barn and I often feel that he'd be there right alongside telling what I wasn't doing right!!.

Papaw didn't have too much good to say about anything, except what he worked at and he left most everyone to their own workings preferring to get it done his way -- and now I can see myself doing that very thing.

He and Granny Hazel lived here in Lowell for nearly 30 years, sometimes moving up the road apiece and then coming back again. This house where Doug and I live once belonged to Tom and Hazel Ray before they moved across the road.

Papaw's birthday is coming up on June 15, one day after the birth of his second daughter, Ms. Geneva Bowling of Kirksville. Geneva, too was laid to rest in the arms of her Lord, this past week, just shy of her 90th birthday on June 14.

She will be fondly remembered for the kindness she held in her heart and I will always recall how Geneva showered that kindness on my only child, Joe, at a young age.

Memories are always around us and I like to think Geneva will live on in many ways because of her kindness. My thoughts go out to all the Bowling Family in their time of sorrow.

I hope everyone has noticed the new Paint Lick sign hanging from the the gray rock on the new road of Hwy 52 (Richmond Rd.).

It took a while to complete but then most things do take time -- if they are done right.

I am so proud of all the hard work that our Copperhead Environmentalist have put into all they do.

You may not see what I see when I talk about these things. But you know, I think that's your loss because there wasn't enough interest to keep this town alive to begin with and when everything began to dry up and the good people passed on, it felt like just "a spot in the road."

As I drive through our small village, I see something new happening. I know that eventually, it will come to pass, maybe not in my lifetime, but it will happen because of the interest from workers like Copperhead Environmentalist. I do know of Ms. Terry Shell Brown of Shell Farms and her request that the people of this village come together and place some ornamental bushes or flowers around the base of the Paint Lick sign.

Does anyone have any input into this suggestion?

Now, from the Friends of Paint Lick, which is no longer open to the public and it will not be for several weeks. We are not accepting ANY donations.

As of this week, there is a huge frame for a waterbed lying on the front porch. We do not have any workers who can remove this piece of wood and I have discontinued our services with Doug Rhodus' trash route.

This news column does not reach out to everyone....

They no longer take a county newspaper and for one reason or another, they just don't acknowledge why things are left on our porch. In these days of all closings, our little place is just another drop-off spot, so please, take care of what you have and hold on to whatever you may not need.

My prayers, this evening are for Mr. 'Bo' Renfro , a really good friend from church. and to my sister, Linda Moberly in her recovery from surgery.

Then, happy birthday wishes for the coming week. Miss Samantha Hale (May 26) and to Ms. Linda Starnes Cox on (May 30).

May you both have a wonderful day.

May God bless, Katie.

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