It's a beautiful Monday morning here in Lowell and I'm sitting here on my porch listening to the birds "blow their whistles."

I like that phrase.

We don't have a lot of birds around the house, but they do gather out by the chicken pen.

I'm watching the hummingbirds in the Rose of Sharon and I think those small beauties can open the luxurious pink blooms by dancing around the petals.

Enough about nature!

I gathered a mess of Roma beans late Sunday. They tasted good at suppertime.

A welcome sight was the appearance of Gail Adams' grandson Josh at Paint Lick Christian Church.

Gail was overjoyed to have him by her side for services. We will expect Josh to come again. I really enjoyed the look on his nana's face and you made her day.

I think we have a water and sewer meeting at the restaurant later this Monday evening. I do wish more of Paint Lick's residents would stop by and ask questions.

Since we garden some, I've tried finding canning lids for harvesting our vegetables.

Those lids are not to be found -- at least not locally.

I prayed for patience in my waiting until mid August and God finally come through.

Mrs. Eunice Locker donated all I would need and more for someone in need at Friends of Paint Lick.

"Patience is through perseverance."

I look at Facebook and learn about Paint Lick's annual Village Fest, supposedly happening on the first Saturday in October.

While I haven't talked with anyone, a phone call would be appreciated and one with a name attached is really better. So many "fraudulent" calls are not answered at our house.

I will keep our landline as long as possible. It's just more reliable.

Plans for our Village Fest are underway and we at Friends would like to be included.

Happy birthday to niece, Patsy Davis (Tuesday), 19, and to great niece, Miss Hannah Thomas on Thursday, 21.

I pray for a drier week as our garden needs some breathing room.

May God bless, Katie.

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