Do you remember the old song, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”?

That tunes comes to mind this early morning as it is 18 degrees and there is a bit of snow here in Lowell. It’s looking like ‘ol man winter is still with us and a cold hard freeze is expected for one more night.

Maybe then, we’ll get a warm spell.

Not much is happening in our community this past week or so — and that’s just fine with me.

I’ve been hanging around home these wet windy days and it feels right nice to sit back and just take it easy. I have been enjoying my time with Ellie and Emmy. They are growing up really fast and are both smart as a whip.

My daddy would say, “It scares me sometimes.”

I am looking forward to a better summer this year when my eyesight improves. Doc said my eyes had “lost their power” in making my life better.

Was he ever right!

I can see so much better now. I can even see the color orange.

Just heard from my friend Ms. Deborah Messenger. She will be traveling through Berea later this month and plans on bringing me her home-baked Gingersnap Spiral rolls, just in time for Easter.

I’m so glad to hear that Mrs. Myrtle Jones is home again after dealing with a bad fall. You are one tough lady and always an inspiration.

With colder days still on the move, we have lots of warm hoodies and coats for children and adults to keep you warm at Friends of Paint Lick.

Stay by and see us!

May God bless, Katie.

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