One of the Richmond Register's recent headlines read, "Light at the end of the tunnel," in reference to the progress of the vaccinations against the coronavirus.

Well, I'm usually a guarded optimist.

And I'm beginning to have my doubts about that light.

True, there is a light of some kind, but it's ever so dim. Like most Americans, I really felt that once the vaccines became available there would be a national mad dash to get protected against the disease.

President Biden hit the ground running with many initiatives aimed at getting as many people as possible fully vaccinated. He has dropped age qualifications to get people vaccinated and has dispatched scores of professionals including dentists, medical students, even National Guard personnel to inoculate Americans.

Many retired doctors and nurses are reinstating their licenses to volunteer time to assist in the efforts to vaccinate people!

Money was included in the recent stimulus package to hire people to go into out-of-the-way places to find and vaccinate people. Seemingly, all stops have been removed to get the job done, but alas, as of now, less than 15% of Americans have been fully vaccinated!

Many of us surely thought that irrespective of anyone's politics they would trust the proven science and get the vaccinations. At this rate the herd immunity -- 85% of the country fully vaccinated -- the doctors and scientists talk about is a long, long, way off.

As I understand it, herd immunity puts the country in control of the disease, making it at least, manageable. Seemingly, politics is going to be the death, literally, of many people!

Are many of us that stubborn, really?!

Many Americans have come to regard Dr. Tony Fauci as a carrier of bad news they don't really want to listen to. Then, there are the die-hard fans and supporters of former president Trump who feel that the Democrats are using the virus as a political tool to gain and keep control of government.

What many Trump supporters don't know or want to know, is that before leaving Washington he and Mrs. Trump had their shots!

And, it's not too hard to believe that his family and people within his orbit received shots, as well, but this a topic for another talk show.

We're still witnessing a major disconnect between sitting house members and senators.

Some senators and representatives are still perpetuating what has become known as the "Big Lie," that being that the presidential election of 2020 was stolen by the Democrats.

Add to this the distrust and apprehension of many African-Americans along with many other Americans who just don't believe in or trust modern medicine.

And, lest we forget, the spring break crowds of college students crowding our beaches creating potential spikes in the virus, Just this past week Miami, Fla., closed some of its beaches, and in some instances closed roadways leading to the beaches.

As if all of this is not enough, troubling strains and variants of the original coronavirus disease are showing up in the U.S., prompting the scientists and doctors to warn us that they are potentially more deadly than the coronavirus itself!

I fear a perfect storm is forming to impede our plans to knock this thing out in 2021!

So much hangs in the balance and so much is at stake as we attack this monster virus. Our very way of life is being threatened, and by their actions too many people, including leadership, are not taking things seriously enough, reminding me of Nero playing his fiddle while Rome burned!

We're real close to having our young people back in school, in person, so now is not the time to let up.

Our children have lost precious classroom time, and it's doubtful if that time can ever be made up, putting them immeasurably behind!

Getting our children back in the classrooms frees up the adult workforce to leave home and get back into offices to propel business, to open things up. It's beyond comprehension that we don't collectively see and understand what must be done.

How many more times can Uncle Sam afford to dole out stimulus checks and financial assistance to keep us afloat make us productive again?

We're staring down the gun barrel of oblivion and too many of us don't even realize it!

Can anyone say, "welfare state?!"

Think about it!

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