I was just thinking the other day about wedded bliss. I receive more requests from readers to do columns about blondes than any other subject, with columns about wedded bliss second. The bliss continues at the Ham house, even though I married a blonde more than fifty one years ago.

I constantly hear terms like, “sweetie,” “baby,” “precious,” etc. When I hear those, I immediately smile and look up, only to discover, instead of addressing me, Nancie is talking to our precious little Yorkie, Darcie. I deal with bitter disappointment every day.

It doesn’t matter what I do, or often, even before I begin to do something, Nancie has a better way. As difficult as it is for me to admit, her way is sometimes better.

The one thing she absolutely cannot stand is clutter. I drive her crazy with the clutter I accumulate around my recliner. I do a lot of things there, book work, pay bills, plan choir rehearsals for the small church I serve in Lexington etc. I mess things up, she straightens up, then, I can’t find things I need.

We have a toaster that does what toasters are supposed to do. You place a slice of bread in and it toasts it. For some strange reason, Nancie isn’t happy with that so she is looking for a new toaster. I can hardly wait to see how it will be better.

Many of my readers will remember a wedded bliss column I did some time ago, in which I described all the things that were in our shower. Nancie and I are the only ones who use that shower. It amazes me how much “stuff” is found there. There isn’t as much as the last time but still a lot. Now there are only four bath sponges. When I consider the fact that I don’t use any of those, that still seems to be a lot of sponges. Imagine if you can, my utter surprise when I stepped into the shower the other day and found two very bright red bottles, one shampoo and the other conditioner. The fact of them being there was not as startling as what I read on the bottles. The brand was, Fat Hair. Now, I’d just love to have hair, but it wouldn’t matter to me whether or not it was fat. The line on those bottles, under the brand was; “0” calories. Since when do we measure calories in shampoo or conditioner? Does it surprise any of you to know how confused I stay? In spite of the confusion, the bliss continues after all these years.

The further adventures of Bubba!

Bubba, the “good ole boy” from Tennessee, and his friend Earl, visited a local store. A group representing a charity had a table outside the door, where they were selling raffle tickets. Bubba and Earl, being kindhearted souls, bought five tickets each. The following week, when the drawing was held, both Bubba and Earl were winners. Earl won the first prize which consisted of a year’s supply of long spaghetti and gourmet spaghetti sauce. Bubba was the fifth place winner, and his prize was a toilet brush.

A week later, they met again at the store. Bubba asked Earl how he liked his prize. Earl said, “Oh, it’s great, I love spaghetti and I’ll enjoy it every day for the entire year.” Earl then inquired of Bubba, “How do you like your toilet brush?” Bubba answered, “ I don’t like it, I reckon I’ll to go back to paper.”

Trivia answer

The ten body parts with three letter names are – eye, hip, arm, leg, ear, toe, jaw, rib, lip, and gum. How many did you get?

Trivia question

By what name is the fictional Princess Aurora known?

Throught for the day

When you have a lot of things to do, it’s best to get your nap out of the way first.

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