Hello Readers.

It's been an exhausting week for me, just talking to everyone about this terrible illness.

Like many others, I wish it would fade out, but I'm not believing in any man-made miracles -- and that's what I'll call them.

I believe in my GOD and I know somewhere and somehow HE will deliver us.

I am not 'downing anyone' about their knowledge and the availability that keeps us all hoping, but where is GOD in all this?

Do you ever call on Him?

Or even recognize that He is in control.

I see and talk with Him every day and you know, it really feels good. With all this extra time spent at home, it's clear how you can speak with God several times a day.

So, as you read this, you'll know I'm just letting off steam and that feels good too to know some of you might really be hearing what I say.

I hardly do anything on Facebook, but I do like keeping in touch with those who now have cell phones and glory be, just last week, I finally found a phone number for a nephew right here in the area who stays so busy, it's hard for him to stay in touch without Facebook or maybe it was Messenger.

You can tell how little I know about our new technologies and don't go to proofreading this column either -- you are sure to find a mistake.

All of you know I'm not perfect.

Our weather this past Sunday was really, really nice, as I got to sit on the porch in 45-degree sunshine and talk on my landline phone. Doug and I have yet to purchase one of the higher-priced cell phones and, needless to say, we cannot talk, (no service) in these hills of Lowell. I might have stayed on the phone a bit longer than usual as I slept a bit longer too on Sunday morning, but I took in all the beautiful sunshine that HE gave me.

Doug (then) kills my grace to say that a snowy mixture will be here by Monday around noon.

What a bummer!

My mother will be gone from our lives 57 years today. It was a day that stayed with me even though I didn't feel much as a 9-year old child when mommy fell and died instantly around five of her children.

"A good way to go, they say."

Yes, I suppose it was, but I'll never forget that day in 1964.

One childhood memory of Fairy M. Alexander was my eighth birthday when she gave me, just me, the small silver etched rose drinking glass from her Silver Dust Washing powders. It was a moment that I 'crave' to have back again. Of course, my life has changed in all those years.

I pray that she would approve of the woman I have become.

In this time of staying put, it creates new energy to get more things completed while we are at home. I do get to the Dollar General on the hill at least once a week and I keep the practice of distance and the face covering. I will also go to another aisle when someone else is present.

So there you have it folks.

Did I say an exhausting week?

Happy birthday to Eunice Locker, Katherine King, Terry Cheeks and I forgot Patty (his wonderful soulmate), along with Judy Mabes and nephew Red Baker May you all be blessed with His love.

May God bless, Katie.

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