At their May meeting, the GOP Ladies Republican Club hear from State Reps. Deanna Frazier (R-81st District) and Les Yates (R-73rd District).

Frazier told the group she consider it truly an honor to serve as a legislator in the House of Representatives.

"My first visitors were Nancy Binetsch and the sheriff and mayors came to my office," she said. "On behalf of all the candidates, we are very thankful for all the work you have done. We are a faith Republican Caucus. The lesson I have learned is being in the majority party is a powerful position. We appreciate your prayers."

Frazier said she is on the following legislative committees: Banking and Insurance, Health and Family Services, and Local Government, Tourism and Outdoor Recreation.

"We don't just sit around and push the yes or no button," she said. "Legislatively, we addressed the mater of no cultured animal meat. We had 24 hours to respond to a providers request to require mandatory visitation by siblings to nursing home patients. On an economic development bill, we were responsible to address the competitive bidding. Not just for unions. We voted on House Bill 11. No use of e-cigs or tobacco on school campuses.

"We passed House Bill 166 -- schools may designate one day of prayer and post In God We Trust in all schools. Senate Bill 9 passed for the fetal heartbeat. Beshear maintains that he is going to challenge it in the courts. Our days are full of issues that are pertinent to every citizen in this state. Your vote counts."

Yates is the owner of Boonesboro Supply and is a current legislative committee member; Agriculture, House Budget Review sub-committee on economic Development, Public Protection, Tourism and Energy Member.

"The best day was the last day," he told the group. "Being on the front row I have to stay alert. I felt good after a few days. I now understand the value of the legislative body."

Yates told of how he called the liaison of the water department after some citizens called him to complain that their water pressure was so bad and in-some instances not on for the better part of a day.

"I introduced myself as Representative Yates. She said yes sir I will get right on it," he said. "Now some of those people had called repeatedly for years and got no results. Best part of this whole job. In Winchester, 4 to 5 fatalities occur in front of Walmart. The speed limit was too high. I made one phone call and a week later the speed limit was dropped to 45. No telling how many lives will be saved in the future by a phone call.

"Another instance of common sense. We push the red or green buttons while in session. The fetal heart beat was so easy to push the green button. Every morning I pray 'God give me the wisdom to push the right button'."

Yates said we have to learn to get along with our leadership as the legislators are there to do a job for the people.

"Anytime I can help I want to," he said. "The teacher pension is the big thing. They believe the rhetoric being preached to them. They will destroy anyone who disagrees with them and they won't listen to the truth. We try to explain to them that no one is taking their pensions. We are preserving them for those who get them now and moving the date up for those in the future to get them.

"Everyone in Frankfort is serious abut curing the pension problem. It isn't the present Governor who caused the problem, but it's the past one. They invested in a 401k type of retirement and 150% of the money got wasted. Beshear was the 61st Governor and he was responsible. No management and all was lost.

"We are looking into a social security pay in for the teachers to not have to depend on the state for their retirement. If we don't solve it, we will be hearing about it in the next 10 years."

The GOP Ladies annual Pot Luck Dinner will be July 12 at the Madison County Fairgrounds. Several candidates for state constitution office will be in attendance. For more information, call Nancy Binetsch at 859-200-3273.

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