Hello everyone.

On Sunday morning, I was driving out early down Helton Lane.

The sun was peaking through the trees along the roadside. The sun had an orange glow about it. The sun was glistening through, as if sneaking a peak, between the trees.

It was a beautiful sight.

All I could do was to thank God for showing me his glory.

That is how God works.

Another way God works is having Duane's biopsy show no cancer or lymphoma.

It looks like this pathology report was similar to the one from his appendix three years ago. Dr. Moore removed Duane's appendix when he had the twisted bowel. She did not want to have to do another abdominal surgery again on him.

Little did she know what was to come.

It was a strange report then, as well as the lymph node biopsy is now. It looks like Duane has had a slow progression of this fungal meningitis for years. That is what has probably caused those unexplained odd symptoms he has had over the past three years.

It just manifested with a fury in March.

Thank God he is better. He still has meningitis and it will take a long time to go way.

He is planning to go back to work for a few hours this week.

Keep him in your prayers.

Mike and Ann Friend are still in a battle. You may notice that the store is still closed. Mike has to go through a few things before he starts treatment.

Keep them in your prayers.

It looks like the "Crusin for Jesus" car show is set for Oct 10. By the way, that is also Duane's birthday. There will be social distancing and mask-wearing. Cooking will be outside in The Full Gospel Tabernacle's new shelter.

We ask all to be safe and be safe for others as well.

There will be silent auction items, food, and prizes. Of course, there will be Gospel music by DJ Bill Ingram, as well as live music by the Full Gospel Tabernacle singers.

We will need all the help we can get.

Take a look at the freshly painted water tower. It really looks nice.

On the back side you can see the head of the blue jay. Yes, that is the school bird for the Kirksville Blue Jays.

Go blue Jays.

Well, I have to mention, that I dug up my sweet potatoes. The first one I pulled up out of the ground was a big as a small football, the length of of water bottle. It was so big that it was cracking open.

I guess I'll be canning. My first time for sweet potatoes. Mom always did those for me.

I think I made dad proud at the size of the sweet potatoes and I'd like to make mom proud of the canning.

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