Frost seed red and ladino white clover soon

Freeze and thaw cycles have been few this winter, but there is still a little bit of time to frost seed clover.


We haven't had many freeze and thaw cycles this winter but there is still a little bit of time. Here are a few tips to ensure you have the best chance of getting clover established from a frost seeding.

• Get a current soil test, and apply the needed lime and nutrients.

• Choose an improved variety with known performance and genetics. Go to the UK Forage Website,, for the latest results.

• Broadcast seed 6-8 lbs red clover and 1-2 lbs of white/ladino clover per acre.

• Make sure seed lands on bare soil. The biggest cause of seeding failure with frost seedings is too much ground cover.

• If soil conditions allow, get good seed soil contact with a no-till drill with packer wheels or a corrugated roller cultipacker.

• Control competition when the grass starts growing.

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