How are you coping with the COVID-19 situation?

Some people are clearly on the "struggle bus," while others seem to be relatively unscathed. But all of us are feeling the effects somehow.

It may seem like things are dragging on indefinitely with no clearly marked "all clear" signal. But not to worry, the current situation will not go on exactly as is forever.

There are different ways to weather the storm.

My message to you today is to never let a crisis go to waste.

Financial managers live by this motto. They look for opportunities in the market to strike it rich. Another way to think of it is to get out of our narrow view of the world and look at the bigger picture -- to see beyond the current panic in order to see ourselves and our world more clearly and to make the changes needed to come out of this in better shape.

So let me ask you three powerful questions to help you start to think clearly on this issue.

How do you want to emerge from this pandemic better?

I mean this in several dimensions -- physically, socially, spiritually, mentally/emotionally and intellectually.

For example, in the physical dimension, do you want to emerge fitter than before? Socially, do you want to emerge as more involved, not lonely? Spiritually, do you want to emerge as more fulfilled rather than unfulfilled? Mentally/ emotionally, do you want to emerge as happier, not depressed?

And finally, intellectually, do you want to emerge more informed than before?

If you've answered yes to each of these questions, then you're ready for the next question.

How do you become stronger in each of these dimensions?

I'm sure you can come up with many answers to this question, but let me give you a few examples to stimulate your thinking.

In the physical dimension, establishing a daily exercise regimen is an important key to emerging fitter than before. Strive for at least 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day.

Socially, are you making meaningful connections with family and close friends? If there were ever a time to do so, now is it. Isn't emerging from the pandemic stronger as a family unit important to you?

Building intellectual wellness is something many of us want to do but never seem to have the time. Most of us now have time, so why not become more informed about the world around us and the people in it?

Answering the question of how to become better and stronger requires some thought and there is no right answer for everyone.

Just what better is will be unique to you.

Will you let your vision drive your actions?

If you've reflected on the aforementioned questions and come up with a plan to become better and stronger, then you now have a new vision with which to approach this period of uncertainty.

It gives you some certainties around which to anchor your days and your decisions. You are now in the driver's seat, operating from a position of strength and trending forward. So let the momentum build as you form new habits and ways of being that will serve you better and make you more effective as we emerge from this pandemic.

This is your time.

How do you want to emerge from this time better and stronger?

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