Katie Rollins | Paint Lick Correspondent

Hello Readers.

This Sunday was one of my better days.

I just moved ever so slowly and wanted to get my cedar (the one I'll use as our Christmas tree) and place it in the big window and do all the pretty lights and the small baubles. I am anxiously waiting for that day of Jesus's birth when I can watch our great grandchildren as they tear into the wrapped boxes and colorful items under our tree.

It's been more than 20 years since my Amanda and Ryan were small enough to enjoy Christmas and even longer since my son was small.

I am looking to wrap with all kinds of bright colors and pretty bows to catch their eyes. In years past, i would just put everything in gift bags and that custom soon gets old with small kids around.

I've even had the notion to use even bigger boxes than the actual item and let them search and this year, I too, want to have a good time.

As for gifts, I'm too old for something I don't really need and chances are, I'll already have most all I need anyway.

The workers have been working on Short Road with the near completion of the Paint Lick Sewer project. I haven't had a good chance to talk with anyone at Copperhead Environmentalist about all the happenings and with this COVID-19 being on a fast move in Garrard County, hardly anyone is seen out their doors.

I will praise Sarah at the Paint Lick Post Office for the Christmas look in the front window. It makes everything so festive.

Thank you Sarah.

You are a jewel.

Another death in my family just before the holidays was heartbreaking. My sister, Lydia, gave her first born son to God last week and I am sure he will be missed by his mother and many siblings. Danny Dale Baker lived in Michigan and now he lives with God.

My thoughts are with the Baker family in this sad time.

We have an eagle on the prowl here in Lowell once again and he or she has killed my big red hen. I spotted the eagle last Thursday in Ryan and Kasey's blackberry vines towering over the hen with the neighbor cat looking on.

I'll soon lose what chickens we have if that eagle takes up residence, but I will not let him or her outsmart me.

I hope to get more chickens come springtime. I had to buy some store eggs a couple weeks back and folks, let me say, the look of those eggs was like the light had been removed from the very egg.

If there ever was such a thing.

It's hard to explain, but we've had laying chickens going on 20 years and our hens are taking " a laying off break," so spring can not get here early enough for me -- and to top it all, it's baking season an no good eggs is a sad thing here at our house.

I have no mention of birthdays this week so I'll say, may God bless, Katie.

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