Katie Rollins

At 50 degrees, it’s not so cold this early Tuesday morning here in Paint Lick as the sun is coming up over the hill, just behind Old Man Plumber’s Pond.

This should be a day very much like Monday with similar temps, but not so wet. A gentleman at the court house told me, “If it rains on the first day of the week, it’ll rain for three days,” and I agree. I’ve heard that a lot from my folks, too.

I am praying for a dry time this Saturday when the town of Paint Lick rings in the season with our 26th year of Christmas in The Village. I can remember back in 1988 with Dean Cornett peeking out the door, and it was so very cold. But it was not enough to stop the big horse and wagon with Santa on top as it came across the county bridge to greet the passers by, including folks who were the “rocks” of Paint Lick. I don’t recall who drove the wagon (It may have been Lewis and Donna Lamb), but I do know it looked fine and it was the highlight of our Christmas parade. By “rocks,” I mean the people who brought light and tradition to our small village.

The firemen would stop traffic so all the children could have a wonderful day and lots of people filled our street. Oh, the times that used to be. Most of those people are gone now, and it’s sad, because back then we took time to give of ourselves and make Christ the reason to fill this great and wondrous holiday.

The Friends of Paint Lick will open their doors Saturday around 9 a.m. with hot coffee, hot cocoa and cookies to warm the wet soul. Crafts for the children will be offered (and we could use some volunteers) to help with the kids. If you happen by, stop and ask what you can do to brighten a child’s day.

The story of Jesus’s birth will be quietly remembered by pastor Joe Tuttle of Mt. Tabor Baptist Church. It is so incredible to watch the eyes of those children as they listen, it even makes me tear up to know they are the innocent who can believe. Santa will be around somewhere that morning with a treat, so keep your cap and gloves on as you venture out and see ol’ St. Nick. 

The Friends of Paint Lick raffle will be on display as you come through the door, and we do have some extra nice and very useful items. The ladies will be pleased. A beginner’s guitar is one specialty that would make a good Christmas gift.

We start at 9 a.m. and will welcome anyone who would like to set up yard sale items on a first-come, first-served basis. Pray the weather holds. We hope to see this Saturday.

Mt. Tabor Baptist Church will present its Christmas play this Sunday evening, beginning around dusk. Pastor Joe would welcome a call at 925-9269.

May God bless.

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