Hello everyone.

Sorry I haven't been doing my column. Most of the time I just forget what day of the week it is, then it is too late. That is the way it is when you are retired and busy.

I do enjoy being off work, especially with all this COVID-19 going on.

Duane is doing better. We are trying a new medication plan since he still shows meningitis. He has been helping more on the farm.

We now have the page wire stretched in that fence line that I have been working on for a year. I can say that when equipment breaks, you can keep going by it doing by hand. I dug and put in 12 post by hand.

I am just a little proud. The fence looks great. Dad would be proud.

It looks like the Kirksville Community Center is planning its 11th-annual Christmas gathering. It will be on Nov. 28 form 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. You may have questions about set up, so call Billie at 338-6690. I am sure there will be COVID-19 precautions, so be prepared to help follow safety rules.

Help keep each other stay safe. Wear your mask, stay your distance and please avoid those gatherings that we all want to do.

We have to work together to stay healthy.

We have to be prepared to be willing to give up some of our social events for your safety as well as others.

I know as a community we are doing our part.

I heard that our friend, Mike Friend, is working as hard as he can to get better. I believe the tumor has shrank enough for him to start to eating a little again.

Keep up the good work.

We all miss you.

I sure do miss you.

I always enjoyed getting that cup of coffee or that bacon, egg and cheese biscuit, but most of all I miss your smiling face.

Keeping you in our prayers.

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