The year 2020 is one we may desire to get past.

As I was debating what to compose a new column about, a recent customer for whom I built an especially lovely and peaceful sounding pond with stream and waterfalls sent me some photos, and I felt moved to share a little of that with my readers.

Maybe it'll help lighten up your mood just to reflect on the sights and sounds of falling water.

MH said "thanks again, until you sit here awhile there's just no way to imagine how peaceful it is."

And I recall RB saying "this is the best thing I've ever done," after he'd experienced his pond awhile. Then there was DT that said after sitting looking at the waterfalls for awhile, difficult phone calls were a lot easier to make. There's such varied things in landscaping, but the most praise through the seasons has come from those enjoying their waterfeatures.

JL says, "in the evenings the song birds come, with their towels over their shoulders, start lining up for a bath."

HG and AB said theirs exceeded all their expectations. One happy customer immediately said, you're going to build our next one too!

OH! I said.

Many of us love the water. Maybe it's the lake, the ocean, or the mountains and their streams. It's no joke that waterfront property commands top dollar in the real estate business. Both sights, like the beach or the river rapids, and sounds like waves descending on the shore or waterfalls splashing into a pool below a rock formation -- sights and sounds of water top most lists of enjoyable things in the great outdoors.

I have seen quite a few of nature's lovely waterfalls. But the tally of those I built with stones and love for a family or couple are more in number. It's rewarding, but the greatest benefit comes to those that relax by them daily. And that bring back to mind the email that motivated me to share more of a topic I have loved for so long.

At another time I've shared the benefits of nature on test-taking, studying, reducing blood pressure, and the many other side benefits of spending some time in a lovely outdoor setting. Frazzled by life, taking time to appreciate some of these blessing in one's life can revive our spirits, even our bodies.

As autumn descended, colors begin to pop and days got cooler, I encourage one and all to spend some extra time outside beside the water, or at least under a tree or a stroll in a green area. Plants, grasses, trees, rocks--and definitely the sights and sound of water give us pleasure to hear and behold.

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