Hello readers.

A brand new year has begun and within the very first day, we had bunches and bunches of rain filling up the Paint Lick Creek all the way to just under our county bridge.

The ditches are overly full, while my two white ducks search for all they can find in the muddy waters.

This type of weather is causing a lot of sickness, like this flu virus, and while most I know have had their vaccine, boosters and the flu shot, that dreaded flu-like virus can still poke it's head out, making me and others feel like we've worked hard all day when we haven't accomplished much of anything.

We, or I'll say ME, just didn't take the time to reach for the extra coat and scarf on those warmer-than-normal days of Christmas Eve.

So, it is what it is, when this last trip to the clinic for me set a record by me taking my sixth COVID-19 test in less than a year.

I've heard that "every time a bell rings, an Angel gets their wings."

Then every time a sniffle comes, the shot gets to "zing."

I just made that one up folks. A bit of dry humor on a wet and dreary Jan. 1.

Happy new year to everyone. I'm praying each day that this new year will bring about some much better days and I'm sure looking forward to that.

A belated happy birthday to my friend, Mr. Bill Gray (Jan. 3).

I forget so many things lately. You know the little things that make a big difference in the lives of many people, and Bill has truly made that difference.

Happy birthday to my niece, Ms. Sarah Poff (Jan. 5). A blessed day to you.

Happy birthday to a great young man, Mason Stratton (Jan. 7).

Also happy birthday to Mrs. Patty Cheeks and Mr. Blake Davis (Jan. 4), Ms. Lucy Sell (Jan. 9), Mrs. Eunice Locker (Jan. 11), my nephew, Terry Cheeks -- husband to Patty -- (Jan 12) and Mrs. Judy Mabes and Mr. Charlie Davis on Jan. 13.

A bunch of birthdates in this start of 2022 and for you all. I pray this will be a blessed year.

Doug helped to take our pine tree apart today and I did some needed cleaning. I try each year to have a real cedar or pine for my Christmas tree and each year creates a memory.

A few years back, I picked out and brought home a "Charlie Brown" tree, which was missing so many branches. Boy, did it stand crooked, but it served it's purpose -- a simple tree that let my lights shine through.

Last year, I took down a monster of a cedar where I didn't need many balls or decor.

It was a brutus.

Well folks, the 2021 was a natural pick when I first spotted a tiny cedar on the hill behind Joe's house. Bless my son, for he never gives me any flack about what I pick out.

Joe never said a word about my "Linus Tree" and he went right to work and put the smallest of all the trees I had picked in in my front room.

It looked so bad, it was funny, but still. That little tree had so many possibilities and I was proud of both my son Joe and my little "Linus Tree."

So I am really gonna look hard this next year and find another memory. By the time you get the paper -- for most folks who still read one, that is -- and read to his story, The "Twelve Days of Christmas" will be over but for me, It goes on and on with more good memories.

Any New Year's resolutions?

I have some requests.

Maybe, maybe not, if they get done.

Only time can tell. I do know, I'm gonna enjoy my family a lot more and especially the great grandkids.

Have a wonderful week and may God bless, Katie.

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