The Richmond Register

October 15, 2013

Letter to the Editor

Colonels are those who rise above the rest

By Nicole Svenson
EKU student

RICHMOND — Dear Editor:

I am emailing you in response to the Richmond Register's Guest Columnist William E. Ellis' article "Time for Eastern to drop it's Colonel Mascot."

I understand that the article is in his opinion, but it bothers me that someone like an alumnus would suggest changing our mascot.

The Colonel may not be a 21st Century figure, but throughout history a colonel is defined as an officer of high rank. Colonels are the leaders of the troops, which means they rose above the rest to be the best.

To bring up the fact that EKU was once nicknamed the Maroons is outdated. We were the Maroons a long time ago, and other colleges distorted that name, calling us the “Morons.”

EKU is an outstanding university, and it is only getting bigger. We do not need to change our mascot to make it more appealing. Tradition is; that’s why I came to EKU.

Eastern Kentucky University is a leader in many aspects. Our programs rise above the rest, and our students come from all walks of life to receive their education. Yet in Mr. Ellis’ opinion, we need to change?

Sorry to Mr. Ellis for bashing his article, but I can tell you right now EKU is 21st Century with all the history that this campus holds, and the Colonel mascot follows suit. Our Colonel is more than just a mascot, The Colonel is the spirit of EKU.

Nicole Svenson

EKU student