The Richmond Register

January 5, 2014

Half of poll votes expect worsening economy

Register Staff Report

RICHMOND — Just over half the votes cast in the Richmond Register’s most recent online poll indicate an expectation that the local and national economies will worsen in 2014.

Of the 244 votes, 123 were cast for the option that economic conditions will get worse.

Votes cast for the “stay about the same” option totaled 63, or about 26 percent.

Votes cast indicating an expectation that the economy will improve numbered 58, or about 24 percent.

At a December meeting of the Richmond Planning and Zoning Commission, an attorney for Carriage Gate shopping center asked that the city’s zoning ordinance be revised to allow non-retail establishments in areas zoned only for shopping centers.

The Richmond Mall with the same zoning already rents to a government office complex and a house of worship, in apparent violation of the zoning ordinance, and Carriage Gate wants to rent to a church. However, the attorney said his client doesn’t want to violate the zoning ordinance.

This week’s poll asks if the city should amend the ordinance to allow offices, houses of worship and other non-retail establishments in areas zoned only for shopping centers.

Options are a simple yes or no.

To vote, go to and scroll to the bottom right of the page.

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