The Richmond Register

May 16, 2014

Step Out, Step up for Diabetes Association

By Ike Adams
Register Columnist

RICHMOND — Six weeks ago when I wrote here announcing the 2014 Edition of Team TKO’s American Diabetes Association, Step Out Walk Team, several dozen of you readers sent generous donations to sponsor grandson Tyler Kane Ochs (TKO) and me in the walk that takes place, rain or shine, in the mud or not, at Keeneland on the morning of May 31.

Another several dozen of you either called, emailed or dropped a card in regular mail and asked that I remind you again “after the holidays” (Easter and Mother’s Day).

I did write a few of your email addresses down on the back of my hand with a Sharpie but they finally wore off, and I wrote some down on a note pad but Loretta went on a cleaning binge the morning after she retired and tossed it because it was not properly labeled.

Several people also said, “You mean you guys are still working on this problem? You’ve been at this two years now and still don’t have it fixed.?”

And I say, “Yep. Strange ain’t it.? They must have cured cancer and and fixed heart disease and still can't fix diabetes.”

The truth of the matter is that if medical science could cure diabetes it would also be curing one of the leading causes of heart diseases, strokes, kidney and liver failure and a host of blood circulation problems that cause almost all non-accident related amputations.

But frankly I’m angry about what diabetes does to kids.

I’ve had to watch my now 30-something-year-old adult son, Christopher, deal with several blood tests and at least two daily insulin injections for nearly 30 years. He’s had two near-fatal accidents, and we’ve lost count of the number of times the EMTs have had to pull him out of one diabetes crisis or another.

Grandson Tyler does benefit from an insulin pump and glucometer technology that make testing and ingesting far less painful than than what Chris had to endure when he was a kid. But it’s still a horrible burden no five year old should have to endure.

So anyway, Grandma Loretta says to me, “So you keep playing the Parkinson’s card and making people believe that it’s only poor old pitiful you and poor little Tyler that make up Team TKO. You don’t tell your readers you’d never be able to wobble around those trails in the first place if I wasn’t right there for you to lean on about every third step, so who do think really deserves some sponsorship in this thing, Mr. Adams?”

So, okay folks, about 40 of you have already sent in about $1,300 (Wow!) to sponsor Tyler and me.

But a bunch of you asked to be reminded this one last time. We’re dedicating whatever sponsorship donations that come in between now and Saturday morning, May 31, to Gramma.

If you don’t want to sponsor us, at least join us along with WKYT news anchor, Amber Philpot, from 8:30 until noon at Keeneland. Actually, it’s sort of behind the track but on their property. Just follow the signs and all the people waving at you on Versailles Road.

You can make a Team TKO sponsorship donation online by going to the American Diabetes Step Out Center, Step Out Walk Page, Click on Donate, enter Loretta Adams or Ike Adams and that will enable us to keep track of you as a column reader donor, something we really want to do, because I have a big ego and I'm real full of myself.

Or you can simply write a check payable to American Diabetes Association and mail it to either Loretta or Ike Adams, 249 Charlie Brown Road, Paint Lick, KY. 40461.