The Richmond Register

April 6, 2013

The case of the appetizing blonde

You Be the Judge

By Jack Strauss
Register Columnist

BEREA — Grover was a rover who wasn’t smart enough to confine his cavorting to distant places. Consequently, when his wife Judy decided to take a neighborhood stroll one hot summer evening, things got even hotter when she spotted her husband’s flashy new automobile in front of the home of a flashy new neighborhood blonde.

Peeking through the front window, Judy observed her husband having an appetizing snack. What bothered her the most, however, was the blonde was the only thing on the menu.

Furious, Judy returned to her husband’s automobile and, in her ire, she let the air out of each of its four tires.

An hour later, Grover came bouncing out of his girlfriend’s house and, to his chagrin, found half of his neighborhood standing around his deflated car giggling. And, when he realized what they were giggling about, he sued Judy for a divorce.

“A man should not have to live with a woman who would stoop so low as to humiliate him in public,” he complained to a judge. “To have let the air out of my tires was pure treachery.”

“Humiliate him ... I should have clobbered him,” responded Judy. “The fact is, he got off easy and shouldn’t get off so easy by getting a divorce.”

IF YOU WERE THE JUDGE, would you grant humiliated Grover a divorce? NO! The judge held that under the circumstances, Judy’s conduct in letting the air our of her husband’s tires was not too extreme a measure to have taken.

(Based upon a 1950 Pennsylvania Superior Court Decision)

Jack Strauss, a retired New York City trial attorney who now resides in Berea, wrote a syndicated column for 36 years called, “What’s the Law?” It appeared in papers coast to coast, including the Pittsburgh Press, the Los Angeles Examiner, the Hartford Times, the Kansas City Star and the Philadelphia Daily News, among many others. It appears here with his permission.