The Richmond Register

September 16, 2012

Community Comments from Facebook

MADISON COUNTY — Couple sentenced in beating death of infant:

“(Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney) Jennifer Smith is absolutely correct. These two should never EVER see daylight again. Broken ribs, broken leg plus all the other trauma - they deserve all the misery I can think of.” — Lisa O.

Lane closures this weekend at I-75 Exit 90 southbound:

“Wow, that's going to be a mess! Especially for people not from this's going to be quite confusing for them to find their way back on the I.” — Althea H.

“You can visit, but you can never leave!” — Tammy C.

RPD: Women found passed out in home while children played in road:

“This is crazy!!!!! Give me those babies. I'd love to have another one and if they don't want them, I'd be more than happy to take care of them!!!” — Frieda C.

WWII-era female Marine honored by ‘top brass’ military:

“Thank you, Crystal Wylie, for your beautifully written tribute to one of the dearest women we know! Everyone who reads your story should be inspired to honor and recognize folks they know from the “Greatest Generation”. Reading your article brought tears to our eyes.” — Dinah Martin, daughter-in-law of 90-year-old Corporal Nell Martin Campbell.

As sales drop, Hooters tries to catch women’s eyes, too:

“It's not the scantily clad gals that deter me. It's their watered down draft beer that deters me,” — Heather-Anne S.

Trio plead guilty to meth manufacturing charges

“‘Made up for lost time’ SHEESH! This idiot has no concept that he was in prison to punish him for the BAD things he did, and in 3 years if he gets out on parole, he’ll be right back at ‘making up for lost time’ again.” — Alyssa S.