The Richmond Register

October 23, 2013

Christmas gathering at Kirksville Center is Nov. 2

Josh Logan concert, dance Friday

By Donna Moberly
Register Columnist

KIRKSVILLE — Hello everyone. The trees are starting to turn colors. Kirksville always shines with its great beauty in the fall season.

I love the fall season, but I hate the cold weather.

Don’t forget the Josh Logan concert and dance Friday night. It is a family event. Admission is $5, and children age 12 and under are free. It all begins at 7 p.m.

Please don’t forget the food drive with the concert. Bring a nonperishable food item for the Full Gospel Tabernacle’s local food bank. 

The Christmas gathering at the Center is coming up on Nov. 2. Admission to the arts and craft fair will be a nonperishable food item. This will be donated to God’s Outreach of Richmond. Go on Facebook and get registered for the event.

There must be something special in the Kirksville air. I hear that Bill Hagan will be 90 years old Saturday. We are blessed in our community with having a great older age population. I have always thought hard work keeps you alive. This is a farming community, and farming is a lot of hard work. Keep on working Kirksville.

I want to see many more people hit that golden age of 90 or more. Hey Bill, maybe some day you may be on the TV as one of the oldest in the country. Maybe, we can have the whole town’s population listed for their health and age.