The Richmond Register

June 4, 2013

Hobo stew is great for camp cooking

By Arritta Morris
Register Columnist

RICHMOND — This is the time of year when folks like to go camping or cook outdoors. I like to try new food items either on the camping trail or out on my outdoor grill.

Here are some recipes I have tried that were really good.



4 hamburger patties or use 1 lb of ground beef

4 potatoes (raw) sliced

4 carrots sliced

1 large onion sliced

4 pats of butter

salt to taste

4 large piece of aluminum foil


Put patty or hamburger meat with all ingredients. Fold foil around each of the mixture. Cook over coals for about 20 minutes. If you know how to do a “drug store” wrap, that works best to keep all the ingredients inside.

Oh, this camp fire stuff brings back such memories of my days as a Brownie Scout leader.

I went on a camp out and thought I really knew how to build a fire. I tried matches to get the fire going and ran out of them.

Then I remembered from my days of as a nursing student that fat burns, and I shared that fact with the girls. Then I poured the only oil we brought onto the fire, and wow, it caught on fast.

Now remember, I was teaching Brownies to start a fire. They got so scared that their body fat would burn, they stayed inside their tents. Oyes, and I used up all the oil so we had some strange meals for the rest of our camping trip as we had no oil to put in the pots for other stuff.



One banana

Your favorite toppings. (I love the chocolate type.)


Split banana lengthwise, push open like a hot dog bun AND add toppings.

Wrap in foil and cook over campfire for 3-5 minutes

Did you know that if it rains and you are camping in a tent, that you should not touch the sides of the tent or you’ll get soaked. I learned that lesson the hard way!



1  hot dog

1 uncooked biscuit (I use the canned type.)


Place hot dog through the end of the stick or rod.

Wrap the dog in a spiral motion with the biscuit.

Place over fire and let biscuit cook.

This is a great way to have a corn dog without the cornmeal on top.

I was in charge of another camping trip (after I had moved up to Girl Scout assistant leader) to build a latrine (hole in the ground toilet).

So, I took the gang out and we did our stuff. But, a couple of these crafty Girl Scouts covered the hole without my knowledge.

That evening, they said they could not find the hole we had dug. I told them I could remember that awful job, so out I went to locate the hole for those, I thought, poor lost kids who couldn’t find the toilet.

I found it alright. My shoes stank so bad for the next two days, I couldn’t even wear them.

The moral to this story is: Never trust your memory with a bunch of smarter-than-thou teenagers. You will wind up in the ----hole every time.


I could not let you leave without telling you about the best camp-ground food of all time.

Simple go to Walmart and buy a smores cooker (it is in the camping secton).

Place one graham cracker on the bottom, one chocolate bar and one marshmallow in the middle and another graham cracker on top.

Close the lid and place in fire for about 3 to 4 minutes.

You also can make pizza pies with this utensil.

Happy camping, and oyes, don’t forget the bug spray. The bugs go camping along with you.

Arritta Morris holds a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and a master's degree in counseling from Eastern Kentucky University. She is certified as Food Service Specialist by the School Nutrition Association.