The Richmond Register

December 10, 2012

BOWLING: Christmas tourney Sunday at Galaxy

By Dean Acker
Register Staff Reports

RICHMOND — Brandon Simpson turned in the top performance at Galaxy last week with a 290 game and 751 series while substituting in the Galaxy Classic League.

Regina Barton led the women for the week with a 259 game and 628 series in the same league.

Christmas tournament set for Sunday

The Madison County Bowling Association’s annual Christmas no-tap tournament will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday. Nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike in no-tap competition.

Bowlers will be given a ticket for each strike bowled. Bowlers whose tickets are drawn at the conclusion of the tournament will select one of 12 unmarked envelopes containing an amount ranging from $5 to $50.

The entry fee is $15 to bowl three games. All bowlers are eligible to participate.

Lunch and bowl with Santa

Bowlers are invited to enjoy two hours of bowling, a large pizza, a pitcher of soft drink and a photo with Santa from 2 to 4 p.m. on Sunday at Galaxy. The cost is $30 per lane for up to 6 bowlers.

A Santa photo only is available for $9.99, or free with the purchase of a $25 Galaxy gift card.

League Highlights

Galaxy Classic

Four men rolled a 700 series in this league last Monday. Randy Burgess led the members of the league with a 715 series and 279 game. John Hickam was second in both measures with a 714 series and 269 game, while Glenn Masters was next with a 701 series and 265 game.

Substitute Brandon Simpson topped all the league members with a 751 series and 290 game. Simpson fell just short of a perfect score as he followed an opening frame spare in his third game with 11 consecutive strikes.

Simpson’s game score ties him with Mike E. Bryant for third on the season leaderboard behind only the 300 games rolled by Hickam and Ron Gugel.

A 600 series was bowled at this session by Todd Young (682), Cody Dapkus (655), Bruce Watson (652), Aaron Rose (650), Mike E. Bryant (642), Ron Gugel (633), Mark Rogers (632), Barry Miller (616) and Cody Daly (609).

Regina Barton led the ladies in the league with a 628 series, which included a 259 game. Her 259 score is the second-highest women’s game bowled at Galaxy this season.

This league will complete the fall season tonight. X-Factor (Todd Young, Gary Cromer and Jack and Anthony Taulbee) has a 2 1/2 game lead over Ridge Runners (Eric Huff, Scott Kaylor and Regina and Shawn Barton) entering the final night of action.

The top two teams will meet in a head-to-head match to determine the league champion.

Two other teams — Big Ass Fans (Keith Nash, Dallas Thomas, Mike E. Bryant and Brandon Lutes) and Lucky #13 (Matt Ciolek, Ray White and Cody and Paul Dapkus) — can finish as high as second depending upon the outcome of the match between the top two teams, but they cannot collect enough wins to finish first.

Galaxy Girls

Shella Cobb led this league last Tuesday with a 224 game and 532 series.

Linda Combs rolled the second-best game (189), while Amy Felty (516), Bridget Settles (511) and Combs (503) also bowled a 500 series.

Splits were converted by Tammy Fourre (4-5-7), Narita Rose (5-6) and Charlotte Hackworth (3-10 and 2-7).


The top game (185) and series (490) in this league last week were bowled by Bridget Settles.

Lynn Lainhart rolled the second-best game (167) and Tina Hunter bowled the second-best series (433).

Splits were converted by Sue Hegelmeyer (7-9), Jane Gordon (5-7-10), Sybil Fagan (5-7) and Barbara Hendren (2-7).

Early Birds

Gail Campbell led this league last Wednesday with a 187 game and 507 series. Beverly Shearer rolled the second-best game (172) and Mary Lou Cox the second-best series (499).

Splits were converted by Campbell (3-10), Joyce Kearns

(3-6-7-10), Carroll Hackworth (5-6), Sue Hegelmeyer (3-10) and Beverly Brassfield (2-7 and 5-10).

Wednesday Wonders

Brandon Simpson rolled the top game in this league last week with a 279 score. He also bowled the second-best series (648).

The high series was 661 by Lewis Jones Jr., while Tyler Morgan rolled the second-best game at 236.

Miranda Reffitt led the league’s ladies with a 215 game and 528 series, followed by Rita Morgan at 170 and 471.

Cynthia Eades picked up 3-7 split.

This league will finish its fall season this week. Down With The Splitz (Michelle Latno, Robert Johnson, Brandon Simpson and Rita and Tyler Morgan) is on top going into the last night of action.

Two other teams — 7&11 (David Sowder, Don L. Johnson, Russell Jones and Lewis Jones. Sr.) and Here We Go (Miranda Reffitt, Matt Joyce and Alicia and David Kendrick) — still have a shot at the title.

Friday Night Mixed

The top scores in this league were a 241 game and 690 series by John Hickam. Lewis Jones Jr. bowled the second-best series (685) and Mark Rogers the second-best game (237).

A 600 series was also bowled by Ronald Richmond (679), Ron Gugel (646), Ronnie Hurd (619), Glenn Masters (618) and Tim Lainhart (609),

Narita Rose and Julia Landreth tied for the high women’s game at 192. Rose (533), Lisa Ball (502) and Landreth (501) rolled the high women’s series.

Mike Begley picked up a 5-7 split.


Jennifer Richmond rolled the top game in this league last week with a season-best 217 game.

Sara Zuercher bowled the high series for the night at 528 and the second-best women’s game (181). Sandy Reynolds rolled the second-best women’s series (493).

Raymond White led the league’s men with a 189 game and 512 series, followed by Fred Tilsley at 182 and 488.

Splits were converted by Becky Wells (6-7-10), Margaret Tilsley (5-10), Jamie Sowder (2-7) and Fred Tilsley (2-7 and 2-9).

Cash Money

Nate Rosenbauer set new season highs for this league with a 257 game and 660 series last Monday. Ronnie Norris Jr. was next in both categories at 222 and 595.

Lanette Rosales bowled the top women’s game (147) with Debra Robertson next at 143. The highest women’s series were 401 by Robertson and 365 by Rosales.

This league will complete its fall season tonight. The Untouchables (Mickey McAllister, Patricia Norris, Ronnie Norris Jr. and Ronnie Norris Sr.) hold a three-game lead over Champion’s Bar (J.J. Reisig, Steve Dalton, Pete Young and Nate Rosenbauer).

The top two teams will go head-to-head to determine the league champion,

Five years and counting

I have completed five years of covering bowling for the Register with this week’s column. It has been an enjoyable task as I have sought to recognize the accomplishments of local bowlers and to promote the sport of bowling.

I very much appreciate the work of Nathan Hutchinson in editing this column each week. I also thank Register editor Bill Robinson and publisher Nick Lewis for providing me with this opportunity.

Thanks are due also to Galaxy general manager Ray White and his staff for their cooperation.

It would not be possible to produce this column each week without the help of the Galaxy league secretaries — Beverly  Shearer and Lewis Jones Jr. — who prepare the official stat sheets for the various leagues. They went well beyond what their jobs require by delivering the stat sheets to me during the period that I was confined to my home during my recuperation from heart surgery.

I plan to continue writing this column for as long as my health and the Register permit me to do so.

Last week’s top scores

Men’s games

Brandon Simpson    290

Randy Burgess    279

John Hickam    269

Glenn Masters    265

Nate Rosenbauer    257

Robert Richmond    255

Cody Dapkus    244

Todd Young    244

Ron Gugel    243

Patrick Wells    243

Aaron Rose    239

Mike E. Bryant    237

Mark Rogers    237

Lewis Jones Jr.    236

Tyler Morgan    236

David Norman    235

Barry Miller    234

Shawn Barton    233

Ronald Richmond    233

Bobby Abrams    225

Bill Bowles    225

Mike Huser    225

Cody Daly    225

Bruce Watson    224

Ronnie Norris Jr.    222

Brandon Lutes    220

Tim Lainhart    217

Steve McKnight    217

Ronnie Hurd    226

Gary Cromer    215

Gary Kerns    215

Peanut Johnson    212

Steve Woltering    212

Matt Joyce    212

Ron Roberts    211

Carl Daniels    211

Joe Reichel    211

Dallas Thomas    211

Keith Nash    211

Ray White    208

Lewis Jones Sr.    207

Neil Haggard    207

Lynn Estes    206

Corey Miller    206

Kenny Smith    204

Jason Abel    204

Spider Weaver    203

Gary Holtzsclaw    202

James Noe    202

Eric Huff    201

Women’s games

Regina Barton    259

Shella Cobb    224

Miranda Reffitt    215

Jennifer Richmond    208

Narita Rose    192

Kymmi Bowles    192

Linda Combs    189

Gail Campbell    187

Lisa Ball    187

Novel Davis    186

Bridget Settles    185

Sara Zuercher    181