The Richmond Register

November 26, 2012

BOWLING: Local ladies do well in state tourney

By Dean Acker
Register Bowling Columnist

RICHMOND — Several Galaxy league bowlers finished among the leaders and earned cash awards at the seventh-annual Kentucky Women’s State Tournament which was held in Paducah on Oct. 26 through 28 and Nov. 3 and 4.

Jamie Sowder led the local contingent by qualifying for cash awards in four categories. All scores include handicaps.

Sowder placed first in the all events competition with a 1,961 total, which earned her $110.

Sowder teamed with Margaret Tilsley to finish second in the doubles competition with a score of 1,351 which earned the duo $251. Sowder collected another $10 by placing 51st in singles with a score of 600.

Keeley Gadd finished 16th in singles and earned $57 with her 635 score, and Jan Stepp collected $14 for placing 39th with a 609 series.

The quintet of Sowder, Tilsley, Jelemia Sanders, Beverly Aleshire and Brenda Marcum took ninth place in the team competition with a score of 2,933 and earned $167 for their efforts in this event.

Congratulations to all these ladies who represented the Madison County Women’s Bowling Association very well in this tournament.

Turkey Shoot

The Madison County Bowling Association conducted its seventh-annual Turkey Shoot tournament on Nov. 18.

This tournament used a combination of the 3-6-9 format, in which bowlers are awarded free strikes in the third, sixth and ninth frames, and the no-tap format, in which nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike. This is a fun pattern which contributes to high scores.

Originally, frozen turkeys were awarded as prizes in this tournament, but it was found to be more practical to award $30 gift cards which the winners could use to purchase a turkey.

Gift cards were presented to the two men and two women with the highest scores.

Mark Rogers led the men with a four-game total score of 1,099 and Kenny Smith finished second at 1,090.

Narita Rose led the ladies with a 941 score, followed by Novel Davis at 864. Rose used the enhanced scoring system to roll the only 300 game for the day.

Bowlers who rolled three consecutive strikes (known as a turkey) were entered into a drawing to win one of eight additional $30 gift cards. Winning tickets were drawn for Judy Poynter, Todd Young, Joyce Kearns, Jenny Norman, Patricia Holtzclaw, Bruce Reffitt, Gary Kerns and Bobby Abrams.

The next MCBA tournament will be the annual Christmas No-tap tournament on Dec. 16.

League Highlights

There was limited league action at Galaxy last week as the Wednesday and Friday leagues did not bowl because of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Cody Dapkus rolled the high game for the week with a 280 score in the Galaxy Classic League which places him fifth on the season’ s leaderboard.

The top series score of 697 was bowled by both Brandon Lutes and substitute Daniel Benge in the Galaxy Classic League.

Narita Rose bowled the top women’s game for the week at 235, and Regina Barton rolled the top women’s series at 548.

Galaxy Classic League

As noted above, Cody Dapkus rolled a 280 game to lead this league. The second-high game for the night was 267 by Ron Gugel.

Brandon Lutes rolled the top series for league members (697) with Dapkus next at 692. Substitute Daniel Benge also rolled a 697 series.

This broke a string of five consecutive weeks in which at least one 700 series was bowled in this league.

A 600 series was also bowled by Ron Gugel (672), Gary Cromer (670), Joe Reichel (655), Mark Rogers (646), Shawn Barton (641), Lewis Jones Jr. (635), Lynn Estes (634), John Hickam (634), Spider Weaver (620), Glenn Masters (607), Dallas Thomas (600) and substitute Brandon Simpson (627).

Dallas Thomas joined this season’s 250 club with a 256 game.

Two women — Regina Barton (548) and Andi Daly (528) — rolled a 500 series.

There were 50 200-level games bowled by 36 individuals at this session.

Galaxy Girls

Narita Rose led this league last Tuesday with a 235 game and she rolled the second-best series at 521. The 235 game by Rose ranks fifth on the leaderboard for this season.

Any Felty bowled the top series (528), and Janie Secchi rolled the second-best game (188).

Splits were converted by Shella Cobb (2-7), Velma Cruse (2-7), Faye Willis (2-6-7-9), Jelemia Sanders (3-10 and 2-7) and Sherry Ernst (5-7 and 4-7-10).


The high series scores in this league last week were 464 by Bridget Settles and 449 by Linda Bowles.

Doris Gish (170) and Settles (167) bowled the top games for the day.

Marietta McBride, Pam Johnson and Jamie Carroll each converted a 5-10 split, and Linda Drummond picked up a 5-7 split.

Cash Money

J.J. Reisig bowled the top game in this league last Monday with a 224 score and he rolled the second-best series for league members (539).

Ronnie Norris Jr. recorded the top series (573) and second-best game (212).

Substitute Joe Sageser rolled a 221 game and 642 series.

The best women’s games were 168 by Sara Burgess and 160 by Beth Voorhees, while the high women’s series scores were 407 by Lanette Rosales and 379 by Burgess.

Bad Bowlers No-tap

Joe Sampson (254) and Steve Dickey (244) bowled the top games in this league last Tuesday. Sampson (643) and Gary Cromer (642) rolled the top men’s series.

Dickey (629), Josh Wilson (610) and Jack Taulbee (604) also rolled a 600 series.

Tina Hisle led the league’s ladies with a 237 game and 672 series, followed by Joanna Dickey at 231 and 608.

Galaxy leaderboards

The reduced league activity last week makes space available to recognize those men and women who have compiled the top averages for the season to this point.

The average listed is the bowler’s best average in any one league. Bowlers must roll at least 21 games in a league for an average to be considered official by the USBC.

Best men’s averages

John Hickam    217

Mark Rogers    212

Neil Haggard    212

Tyler Morgan    212

Brandon Lutes    206

Mike E. Bryant    205

Glenn Masters    205

David Norman    204

Ron Gugel    204

Lewis Jones Jr.    203

Aaron Rose    201

Joe Reichel    200

Best women’s averages

Regina Barton    194

Sandy Reynolds    177

Andi Daly    174

Gail Campbell    173

Beverly Shearer    169

Narita Rose    167

Novel Davis    165

Rita Morgan    165

Shella Cobb    160

Doris Gish    159

Bridget Settles    159

Amy Felty    156

Karen Kensicki    155

Connie Bowlin    155

Last Week’s Top Scores

Men’s games

Cody Dapkus    280

Ron Gugel    267

Shawn Barton    266

Brandon Lutes    258

Dallas Thomas    256

Daniel Benge    255

John Hickam    254

Scott Kaylor    247

Lynn Estes    244

Joe Reichel    244

Lewis Jones Jr.    243

Gary Cromer    237

Chris Walker    234

Robert Johnson    232

Brandon Simpson    228

Mark Rogers    225

J.J. Reisig    224

Spider Weaver    223

Ronnie Thomas    223

Joe Sageser    221

Ray White    218

Todd Young    216

Jason Roberts    214

Ron Roberts    213

Neil Haggard    212

Mike Riley    212

Ronnie Norris Jr.    212

Corey Miller    211

Bruce Watson    211

Cody Daly    210

Anthony Taulbee    209

Bill Bowles    209

Mike Aldrich    209

David Norman    208

Glenn Masters    204

Keith Nash    204

Billy McGuire    203

Mike E. Bryant    203

Gary Holtzclaw    201

Women’s games

Narita Rose    235

Regina Barton    209

Janie Secchi    188

Andi Daly    185

Amy Felty    183