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January 21, 2013

BOWLING: Rose hits 700


RICHMOND — Cash Money

Steve McKnight led this league with a 267 game and 676 series last Monday. Donald Spivey bowled the second-best game (214), and Ronnie Norris Jr. the second-highest series (554).

The top women’s games were 152 by Mary Mink and 146 by Debra Robertson, while the best women’s series were 380 by Robertson and 370 by Mink.

Bad Bowlers No-Tap

Nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike in no-tap leagues.

Adam Cromer (268) and Gary Cromer (254) bowled the top games as this league opened a new season last Tuesday.

Ed Maggard (646), Steve Dickey (617) and Adam Cromer (604) bowled the highest series scores.

Joanna Dickey led the women in the league with a 240 game and 600 series, followed by Pat Taulbee at 155 and 411.

Madison Central vs. Lynn Camp

Both the Madison Central boys and girls bowling teams topped Lynn Camp in a high school match on Jan. 12.

Daelyn White (202) and Adam Cromer (199) bowled the top games as the Central boys won 6-1.

The Central girls won 4 1/2 to 2 1/2 with Nikki Vickery (132) and Debborah Harrison (123) rolling the top games.

High school regional tournament this weekend

Madison Southern and Madison Central will be among the 14 schools participating in the second-annual KHSAA Region 8 bowling tournament at Corbin on Saturday and Sunday.

Each high school can enter four boys and four girls in the individual competition, and one boy’s team and one girl’s team in the Baker style competition in which five team members alternate bowling a frame.

The top four boys and girls in the individual events, and the top two boy’s and girl’s Baker teams will advance to the state tournament.

Good luck to the local bowlers!

Last week’s top scores

Men’s games

Neil Haggard    289

Carl Daniels    277

Lewis Jones Jr.    269

Ronald Richmond    269

Jr. Martin    268

Steve McKnight    267

Ronnie Hurd    266

Shawn Barton    259

Ron Gugel    258

John Hickam    258

Mark Rogers    257

Bill Bowles    257

Brandon Lutes    255

Aaron Rose    254

Glenn Masters    247

Barry Miller    246

Randy Burgess    236

Matthew Wieczorek    236

David Robinson    235

Ron Roberts    233

Patrick Wells    233

Tim Wells    226

Mike E. Bryant    225

David Norman    224

Bruce Watson    224

Scott Kaylor    224

Daniel Benge    223

Steve Woltering    220

Craig Richmond    220

Bobby Abrams    214

Donald Spivey    214

Lynn Estes    213

Donnie Barger    211

Brandon Simpson    210

Joe Reichel    210

Mike Huser    210

Gary Cromer    210

Ronnie Norris Jr.    210

Terry Jackson    205

Kevin Ford    205

Ronnie Thomas    204

Harvey Poynter    203

Ronnie Norris Sr.    203

Gary Kerns    202

Russell Jones    202

Steve Marionneau    202

Gary Holtzclaw    201

Women’s games

Narita Rose    277

Regina Barton     217

Sandy Reynolds    212

Tina Hisle    211

Betty Lou Masters    203

Bridget Settles    202

Rita Roberts    200

Rizza VanDall    200

Beverly Shearer    199

Tammy Daniel    196

Linda Drummond    195

Lisa Ball    188

Pat Harris    181

Tammy Fourre    181

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