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January 21, 2013

BOWLING: Rose hits 700


RICHMOND — Galaxy Girls

Narita Rose led this league last week with a 227 game and 638 series.

Betty Lou Masters bowled the second-best game (203) and Rita Roberts rolled the second-highest series (527), which included a no-miss 200 game.

Substitute Beverly Shearer bowled a no-miss 199 game as part of a 526 series.

Splits were converted by Beverly Aleshire (5-7) and Mary Mink (3-10).


The top games in this league last week were 195 by Linda Drummond and 179 by Connie Bowlin, while the best series scores were 481 by Bowlin and 470 by Jane Gordon.

Eight women converted splits at this session including Bowlin (5-7), Gordon (7-8), Sandy Clark (4-5) and Sherry Ernst (2-7).

Splits were also converted by Tina Hunter (5-10), Emma Reams (5-10), Bridget Settles (2-7) and Harriette Williams (5-7).

Early Birds

The high game (194) and series (531) in this league last Wednesday were bowled by Beverly Shearer. Pat Harris rolled the next-best scores at 181 and 503.

Splits were converted by Sue Hegelmeyer (5-10), Joyce Kearns (3-10) and Mollie Morris (4-5-7).

Wednesday Wonders

Lewis Jones Jr. bowled the top series (718) and game (269) in this league last week. Carl Daniels rolled the second-best game (247) and Bill Bowles the second-highest series (642).

A 600 series was also bowled by Daniels (621) and substitute Mark Rogers (648).

Kymmi Bowles (501) and Jenny Norman (448) bowled the best women’s series, while the top women’s games were 181 by Norman and 172 by Bowles.

Classic Doubles

Carl Daniels set a new high series mark for this league with a 766 score, which included the high game for the night at 277. Daniels’ series score ranks fourth on the leaderboard for this season.

Steve McKnight rolled the next-best scores with a 246 game and 620 series.

Tina Hisle led the women in the league with a 211 game and 582 series, followed by Beverly Shearer at 184 and 529. This was Shearer’s third 500 series for the week.


Merle Meade (195) and Ollie Gasser (192) rolled the top games for the male members of this league last week. Substitute Kevin Ford bowled a 205 game.

The best men’s series were 548 by Turner Curtis and 544 by Gasser.

Sandy Reynolds led the league’s women with a 212 game and 571 series, followed by Rizza VanDall at 200 and 548.

Margaret Tilsley converted a 4-7-9 split.

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