The Richmond Register

August 1, 2013

BOWLING: Local bowlers bring home medals

By Dean Acker
Register Bowling Columnist

RICHMOND — Five local bowlers took home a total of nine medals from the Bluegrass Games in Lexington last weekend.

Carl Daniels won gold medals in both the sanctioned singles and sanctioned doubles events for the age 55 and over group. Dean Acker teamed with Daniels to win the gold medal in the over 55 sanctioned doubles, and he took the bronze medal in the over 55 sanctioned singles event.

The duo of Lewis Jones Sr. and Lewis Jones Jr. won the gold medal in the 40-54 sanctioned doubles competition. Eligibility for the 40-54 doubles event is based upon the age of the younger partner.

Jones Sr. won a silver medal in the over 55 open singles and Jones Jr. took the silver medal in the 40-54 sanctioned singles.

Rebecca Sowder won the bronze medal in the 13-19 open singles competition.

The best scratch games bowled by the local bowlers were 230 by Jones Jr., 216 by Daniels and 201 by Sowder.


League highlights

Friday Doubles

This non-sanctioned league completed its 12-week season last week.

Two teams — Young Gunz (Todd Young and John Hickam) and Blue Xpress (Charlie Glodt and Colin Green) — finished in a tie for the league title.

Team McKnight (Kyle Shultz and Carolyn and Steve McKnight) finished in third place.

Bobby Abrams bowled the top scores on the final night with a 228 game and 640 series, followed by Todd Young at 223 and 542.

Sonia Smith (116) and Beth Smith (111) rolled the high women’s games, while the best women’s series were 314 by Beth Smith and 308 by Sonia Smith.

John Hickam compiled the top average for the summer season in the league at 226. Todd Young (191), Bobby Abrams (189), Kenny Smith (180) and Steve McKnight (176) recorded the next-best averages.

The best series scores were bowled by Hickam (751), Young (658), Abrams (640), Smith (629) and Colin Green (624).

Hickam also rolled the high game (290), followed by Young (278), McKnight (232), Smith (230) and Abrams (228).

Beth Smith led the women in the league with a 115 average, 397 series and 159 game, followed by Sonia Smith at 94, 321 and 123.

Charlie Glodt won the most improved award for the men, while that award went to Sonia Smith for the league’s women.

Monday Mixed

The teams which finished in the top three positions in this sanctioned league were recognized in last week’s column.

The Lexington-based Pittsnogglers (Zach Niekirk, Matt Cracraft and Tyler and Andrew Magedanz) won the league championship.

Git-R-Done (Terry Jackson, John Rice, David Norman and Brandon Simpson) finished second, while third place went to Hammer Time (Todd Young, Nate Rosenbauer, Gary Cromer and Carl Daniels).

The individual leaders for this league are cited in today’s column.

The highest averages were recorded by Brandon Simpson (226), Andrew Magedanz (222), Matt Cracraft (219), John Hickam (213) and Lewis Jones Jr. (206).

Magedanz rolled the top series (782), followed by Simpson (767), Neil Haggard (736), Jones Jr. (726) and Hickam (714).

The highest games were 299 by Simpson, 279 by Haggard, 279 by Cracraft, 279 by Magedanz and 277 by Hickam.

The best women’s averages were compiled by Miranda Reffitt (182), Narita Rose (170), Beverly Shearer (168) and Kymmi Bowles (152).

Rose bowled the highest women’s series (657), followed by Reffitt (651), Shearer (595) and Bowles (525).

The best women’s games were 246 by Reffitt, 235 by Rose, 214 by Bowles and 213 by Shearer.

Most improved honors were earned by Todd Young for the men and Kymmi Bowles for the women.

Summer Cash Money

Brandon Simpson, who has just joined this league as a replacement for a bowler who dropped out, bowled the best scores on Monday with a 248 game and 645 series.

Tyler Harris rolled the second-best scores with a 233 game and 616 series.

Substitute John Hickam bowled a 268 game and 705 series.

Tuesday No-tap Doubles

Nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike in no-tap leagues.

Bobby Abrams led this league on the final night of the season with a no-tap 300 game and 797 series. Abrams is the seventh league member to roll a no-tap 300 game this summer.

Ron Roberts rolled the second-best game (280), while the second-high series was bowled by Todd Young (793).

Tina Hisle bowled the best women’s game (278) and series (776). Sue Hegelmeyer and Beverly Shearer tied for the second-best game (265), while the second-high women’s series was bowled by Kymmi Bowles (663).

A 700 series was also bowled by Roberts (777), John Hickam (729), Gary Cromer (721) and Donnie Barger (720).

Other bowlers who rolled a 600 series included Lynn Estes (682), Bill Bowles (676), Kyle Shultz (645), Shearer (638), Hegelmeyer (615) and Donna Fourre (611).

Hammer Time (Todd Young and Gary Cromer) captured the league title with 48 wins. Each team in the league was awarded $10 for each game won. Thus, Hammer Time collected $480 for its first-place finish.

The higher than usual payoffs were possible because Galaxy offered free lineage for the summer leagues.

MM & RR (Mary Mink and Ron Roberts) finished second with 46 wins and Low Rollers (Kymmi and Bill Bowles) placed third with 42 wins.

Strike Train (Jan Stepp and Lynn Estes) finished fourth with 41 1/2 wins — just ahead of It Doesn’t Matter (Narita Rose and John Hickam), which won 41 games and finished fifth in the 22-team league. Teams are awarded one-half win each when a match ends with a tied score.

The individual leaders for this league’s season will be recognized in next week’s column.


This week’s top scores

Men’s games

John Hickam    268

Brandon Simpson    248

Tyler Harris    233

Bobby Abrams    228

Todd Young    223

Ollie Gasser    221

T. J. Tudor    213