The Richmond Register

May 17, 2013

BOWLING: Hickam leads the way at Galaxy

By Dean Acker
Register Bowling Columnist

LEXINGTON — John Hickam bowled the top scores at Galaxy this week with a 705 series and 277 game in the Monday Mixed League.

Miranda Reffitt rolled the best women’s series (546) and she and Narita Rose tied for the high game at 226 in the Monday league.

Seniors tournament        set for Sunday

The second monthly seniors tournament for men and women age 50 or higher will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday.

The entry fee is $15 to bowl three games. Prize money will be awarded to the three bowlers with the highest scores including handicaps.

Senior bowlers are encouraged to come and enjoy fun and fellowship with other seniors while bowling for cash prizes.

KHSAA Tourney moved         to Lexington

The 2014 Kentucky High School Athletic Association state bowling tournament will be held at the Eastland Lanes in Lexington in February.

This is the third year that the KHSAA has sponsored bowling as a sanctioned sport. The 2012 and 2013 state tournaments were held at the Executive Lanes in Louisville.

The 2014 Region 8 tournament will be held at the Galaxy Center in January. Both Madison Central and Madison Southern will have boys and girls teams competing in the regional tournament.

One or more local bowlers has qualified for the regional finals during the past two years, but no local bowler has yet qualified for the state tournament. Bowlers must place in the top four positions in a regional tourney to move on to the state tournament. Both Central and Southern have bowlers with the potential to make it to the state tournament next season.

Central is coached by Mark Harrison and J.J. Harrison, while Margaret Tilsley and Randy Burgess coach the Southern teams.

League highlights

Monday Mixed League

The top scores in this league were a 277 game and 705 series by John Hickam. As noted at the top of this column, these were the highest scores bowled at Galaxy this week.

Lewis Jones Jr. bowled the second-best game (253) and Andrew Magedanz rolled the second-high series (696).

A 600 series was also bowled by Jones Jr. (689), Brandon Simpson (671), Bill Bowles (641), Neil Haggard (639), Glenn Masters (620), Carl Daniels (606), David Norman (605), Mark Rogers (604) and Matt Cracraft (602).

Miranda Reffitt and Narita Rose tied for the high women’s game at 226, while the best women’s series were 546 by Reffitt and 535 by Rose. Beverly Shearer bowled a 201 game and 512 series.

Bill Bowles converted a 2-4-7-10 split.

Friday Doubles

Todd Young and John Hickam tied for the high series last week with scores of 658. The high games were 256 by Young and 229 by Hickam.

Carolyn McKnight led the league’s ladies with a 147 game and 406 series.

Cash Money

Steve McKnight led this league on Monday with a 257 game and 567 series. J.J. Reisig rolled the second-best scores by league members with a 207 game and 545 series.

Substitute T. J. Tudor bowled a 225 game and 563 series.

The league’s ladies were led by Carolyn McKnight with a 168 game and 464 series, followed by Mary Mink at 154 and 395.

This league will complete its spring season on Monday.

Tuesday No-tap Doubles

Nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike in no-tap leagues.

John Hickam led the league this week with a 286 game and 769 series. Bill Bowles bowled the second-best game (268) and Gary Cromer rolled the second-high series (744).

Bowles (735) and Ron Roberts (701) also bowled a 700 series.

A 600 series was bowled by Jim Hisle (691), Lynn Estes (633), Carl Daniels (612) and Gary Holtzclaw (608).

Kymmi Bowles (233) and Beverly Shearer (231) bowled the best women’s games for the night, while the top women’s series were 586 by Tina Hisle and 577 by Ellen Spurlock.

Two teams — It Doesn’t Matter (Narita Rose and John Hickam) and Low Rollers (Kymmi and Bill Bowles) — have 16 wins and no losses after the first four weeks of action in this league.

Hammer Time (Todd Young and Gary Cromer) and MM & RR (Mary Mink and Ron Roberts) are close behind the leaders with 15 wins and one loss each.

This week’s top scores

Men’s games

John Hickam    277

Steve McKnight    257

Todd Young    256

Lewis Jones Jr.    253

Andrew Magedanz    245

Mark Rogers    239

Matt Cracraft    239

Brandon Simpson    236

Glenn Masters    236

Bill Bowles    225

T. J. Tudor    225

David Norman    224

Neil Haggard    224

Carl Daniels    223

Paul Crowe    222

John Rice    208

J. J. Reisig    207

Kenny Smith    205

Mike E. Bryant    203

Lance Dickert    202

Women’s games

Miranda Reffitt    226

Narita Rose    226

Beverly Shearer    201