The Richmond Register

November 8, 2013

BOWLING: Bowles sets new season highs at Galaxy

By Dean Acker
Register Bowling Columnist

RICHMOND — Bill Bowles set a new high for a series at Galaxy this season with a 787 score in the Galaxy Classic League. Bowles also bowled the top game for the week at 279.

The best women’s scores were a 244 game by Beverly Shearer in the Galaxy Girls League and a 634 series by Regina Barton in the Galaxy Classic League.

Relay for Life tourney a success

The American Cancer Society and Relay for Life scotch doubles tournament attracted a field of 24 bowlers on Sunday.

The participants enjoyed an afternoon of bowling in this fun format while supporting a very worthy cause. Partners alternate rolling a ball in scotch doubles, which meant a bowler had to try to pick up the spare if his/her partner did not bowl a strike. There was a lot of good-natured kidding when the first bowler in a frame left a difficult split for the partner.

The duo of Randy Burgess and Brandon Simpson bowled an outstanding score of 760 for three games to win the competition. Kymmi and Bill Bowles finished second with a score of 594, and Tina Hisle and Luke Sullivan placed third with a 558 total.

The winners selected prizes from a group of items which had been donated by local businesses. Several door prizes were also awarded.

2014 KSBA schedule

The sites and dates for three major 2014 Kentucky State Bowling Association events were selected at the group’s annual meeting in Owensboro last weekend.

The Jamboree will he held in Cynthiana on the second weekend in July, the Seniors State Tournament is scheduled for Somerset on the first weekend in October, and the 59th-annual State Handicapped Tournament is set for the first three weekends of November in Paducah.

It was decided that the team competition at the state tournament will involve four-person teams. All previous state tournaments have used five-person teams.

League highlights

Galaxy Classic

Bill Bowles led this league with a 787 series and 279 game on Monday. As noted at the top of the column, his series score is a new high for Galaxy this season and the game score is the high for the week.

David Norman rolled the second-highest game for the night (246), while Regina Barton and Brandon Simpson tied for the second-best series by league members with scores of 634 each.

A 600 series was also bowled by J.J. Reisig (631), Ron Gugel (623), Norman (619), Ron Roberts (618), Lynn Estes (611), Ronnie Thomas (600) and substitute John Poynter (657).

Regina Barton (217) and Chris Collins (187) rolled the best women’s games, while the best women’s series were the 634 by Barton and 519 by Collins.

Galaxy Girls

The highest series Tuesday was 614 by Narita Rose, which included a 223 game. The high game or the night was a no-miss 244 score by substitute Beverly Shearer, which was part of a 580 series.

The next-best scores by members of the league were a 188 game by Susie King and a 471 series by Shella Cobb.

Splits were converted by Tammy Fourre (4-6-10) and Jan Stepp (3-10).

Wednesday Wonders

Carl Daniels led the members of this league last week with a 238 game and 601 series. Bill Bowles rolled the next-best game (222) and series (587) for the league members. Substitute Brandon Simpson bowled a 246 game and 641 series.

The best women’s games were 165 by Renda Roberts and 163 by Julia Landreth, while the top women’s series were 448 by Landreth and 436 by Cynthia Eades.

Eades picked up a 3-10 split.

Classic Doubles

Mike Huser led this league last Thursday with a 202 game and 536 series, followed by Bobby Abrams at 197 and 519.

Beverly Shearer led the ladies with a 175 game and 490 series. Denise Lakner rolled the second-best women’s game (159) and Mary Taylor bowled the second-high women’s series (395).

Splits were converted by Terry Kirby (6-7-10) and Dean Acker (2-7-8 and 3-10).


The best scores last Friday were a 267 game and 761 series by Ron Gugel and a 245 game and 694 series by Randy Burgess.

A 600 series also was bowled by Steve Woltering (627), Bobby Abrams (625), Lewis Jones Jr. (607) and Fatu Sevelo (606).

Beverly Shearer (224) and Sandy Reynolds (205) bowled the high women’ games, and they also rolled the highest series scores — 543 by Reynolds and 529 by Shearer.


Bridget Settles led this league Tuesday morning with a 185 game and 524 series, followed by Linda Bowles at 184 and 481.

Splits were converted by Settles (2-7), Connie Bowlin (3-10), Sherry Ernst (2-7), Jackie Collier (3-10), Yolanda Fritz (4-7) and Kathy Palmer (2-7-10).

Early Birds

The high game (198) and series (521) were bowled by Gail Campbell on Wednesday morning.

Beverly Shearer rolled the second-best series (484) and Karen Kensicki bowled the second-highest game (171).

Pat Harris converted a 2-7 and a 4-5-7 split.

Cash Money

Sam Spangler rolled the high game (221) and series (565) on Monday, followed by Donald Spivey (212) and (542).

The best women’s scores were a 149 game and 442 series by Christy Andrews and a 140 game and 381 series by Sara Burgess.

Bad Bowlers No-Tap

Nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike in no-tap leagues.

Gary Cromer bowled the high game (248) and series (610) on Tuesday, followed by Steve Dickey at 244 and 589.

The ladies were led by April Brumfield with a 191 game and 505 series. Joanna Dickey rolled the second-best women’s game (175) and series (418).

Cromer and Josh Wilson each converted a difficult Greek church 2-4-7-6-10 split. A Greek church split involves three pins on one side of the lane and two pins on the other side.

This week’s top scores

Men’s games

Bill Bowles    279

Ron Gugel    267

Brandon Simpson    246

David Norman    246

Randy Burgess    245

John Poynter    243

Lynn Estes    242

Carl Daniels    238

Ron Roberts    238

Bobby Abrams    235

Colin Green    233

Harvey Poynter    232

Todd Young    227

Steve Woltering    226

J.J. Reisig    226

Neil Haggard    223

Ronnie Thomas    223

Mark Rogers    223

Lewis Jones Jr.    221

Sam Spangler    221

Fatu Sevelo    216

Gary Holtzclaw    214

Lewis Jones Sr.    213

Aaron Rose    212

Donald Spivey    212

Steve Marionneaux    211

Don L. Johnson    209

Mike Huser    202

Ronnie Hurd    202

Ritchey Wilmot    201

Gary Cromer    200

Corey Miller    200

Women’s games

Beverly Shearer    244

Narita Rose    223

Regina Barton    217

Sandy Reynolds    205

Gail Campbell    198

Susie King    188

Chris Collins    187

Amy Felty    186

Margaret Tilsley    185

Bridget Settles    185

Karen Hendrix    184

Linda Bowles    184