The Richmond Register

October 29, 2013

GLENMORE: EKU’s golf team founded in 1933

By Glenmore Jones
Register Golf Columnist

RICHMOND — With no action on local golf courses to report this past week I turned to a little history on the EKU golf team.

Eastern fielded its first golf team in 1933 under the direction of T. E. McDonough.  The team members of that first team were Doc Robinson, Ernie Young, Garrett Rawlings and Harry Hamm. They defeated Centre College 11 1/2 to 1/2.  They also defeated the University of Kentucky and Louisville.

They finished that first season with a 5-2 record

The format for college and high school golf teams back then was individual match play with one point for each nine holes and one point for the 18 holes for a total of three points per match. The only time the teams played medal score were in tournaments.

The courses that the team played on then were not very well groomed and a lot of them were nine-hole layouts. In Danville, the cattle still used the course. To keep the cows off, the greens were fenced and the golfer had to chip through the fence wire, then open the gate to get on the putting surface.

Since then the courses have improved every year and a lot of the nine-hole layouts have expanded to 18 holes.

It was a fun and very challenging game then and it remains that way today.  

Special thanks to Harold Oldham (deceased) for the information he provided from his book “Fore and Back – The First Fifty Years of the Madison Country Club 1922-1972.


Kenny Perry — What a putter now!

In all the years I have watched golfers perform I have never witnessed a golfer make as many pressure putts as Kenny Perry did Sunday in winning the Champions Tours AT&T Championship.

Coming down the stretch, Kenny made a long putt on a par five for birdie after a poor chip.

On the final hole of regulation, with Bernhard Langer breathing down his neck, he canned an 18 footer to save par.


To cap his putting exhibition off he made a 10-foot putt for birdie to win the tournament on the first playoff hole. It brought a tear to my eyes to see Kenny’s newly married daughter praying for him to make the putt and then running out and embracing ole dad when the putt fell.

That was beautiful!

Perry has 612 points in the Schwab Cup Championship, which terminates next week in San Francisco. Perry and Langer are so far ahead on points that they are the only two of the 30 finalists with a chance to win the million dollar annuity.

Halloween party at the MCC a blast

On Friday night, about 50 party animals showed up at the Madison Country Club for the annual Halloween party.

It was a wonderful party with so many unique costumes it was hard to judge which was the best.

About an hour after the party started four lovely ladies from Berea arrived with some outstanding costumes to enliven the already lively party. They were Barbara Belcher, Nikki Layne, her daughter, Brittany Todd, and Lisa McAfee.

It was such a congenial crowd with everyone having fun and hugging their friends. Pretty Kathy Williams, the Queen Bee, had the nerve to dance with me and it was delightful.


I got a lot of hugs from all the beautiful women and that is the nectar of the gods to an older person.

The winners of the best costumes were Grace Robertson, (the Voodoo Queen), Darth Vader, Nikki Layne and Lisa McAfee (Tom and Jerry), and Carolyn and Glenmore Jones (yours truly came as an overly endowed lady complete with wig and make up).  

It was a wonderful party and it was so good for the soul to get out of character for a while and act like the carefree person you would like to be. To sum the party up I will say I never heard me matey, Carolyn, laugh so much.

Thanks to all you wonderful people for a fantastic night.

Final thought

One cannot have a lukewarm life. You have to live with passion — Antonia Pantoja

Until next week … live, love, laugh and learn, Glenmore.