The Richmond Register

October 3, 2013

BOWLING: Johnson claims state seniors title

By Dean Acker
Register Bowling Columnist

RICHMOND — Three local bowlers earned cash awards at the 30th annual KSBA seniors state tournament, which was held at Galaxy last weekend.

The winners were determined by their actual scores plus handicaps for six games.

Robert “Peanut” Johnson emerged as the state champion in the 70-74 age group. The Berea resident earned $88 for his win but, more importantly, he qualified for the seniors national tournament in Reno, Nev., in July 2014. The Kentucky State Bowling Association will pay his entry fee and most of his expenses.

Steve Woltering and Steve Marrioneaux finished second and third, respectively, in the 55-59 age group competition. They won $62 and $44, and they will be next in line to go to Reno if the winner of that division cannot attend the national tourney.

The tournament field of 120 entries included 15 local bowlers. Other local bowlers who finished among the top 10 positions in the their age groups included Fred Tilsley, Ron Roberts, Carl Daniels, Lewis Jones Sr. and Dean Acker. The complete results can be found at

Congratulations are due Madison County Bowling Association president Harvey Poynter and association manager Lewis Jones Jr. for a well-run tournament with the aid of MCBA board members. The bowlers were highly complimentary of the way the tournament was organized and conducted.

The visiting bowlers also praised the facilities at Galaxy and the friendly and efficient service provided by manager Ray White and his staff.

Senior women’s tournament

Galaxy will also play host to the senior women’s state tournament on Saturday and Sunday.

A total of 217 women have registered for this tourney which will feature competition in six age groups ranging from 50-54 to 75 and older.

The winners in each age group will qualify to compete in the senior women’s national tournament in Reno, Nev., in July 2014.

League highlights

Galaxy Classic

Colin Green bowled the highest game of the young season at Galaxy with a 287 score in this league on Monday. Cody Dapkus rolled the second-best game (278).

The highest series scores were 691 by Barry Miller and 684 by Bobby Abrams.

A 600 series was also bowled by Dapkus (649), Brandon Simpson (641), Mark Rogers (632), Aaron Rose (629), Bill Bowles (628), Billy McGuire (623), Randy Burgess (619), Ron Gugel (619) and Shawn Barton (617).

The league’s ladies were led by Andi Daly with a 205 game and 563 series and Regina Barton with a 202 game and 560 series.

Galaxy Girls

Carole Bales (197) and Brenda Williams (196) bowled the high games on Tuesday.

The best series scores were 541 by Narita Rose and 494 by Williams.

Splits were converted by Williams (3-10), Dawn Bydal (5-7), Cheryl Beauchamp (2-7), Velma Cruse (5-6), Tammy Fourre (6-8), Janie Secchi (5-10) and Tammy Daniel (3-10 and 5-10).

Wednesday Wonders

Mark Rogers joined the 2013-14 Galaxy 700 club with a 713 series last week, which included the second-best game of the night at 248.

The second-best series was 615 by Carl Daniels, while the highest game was 255 by Rick Stamper.

The best women’s games were 177 by LuAnn “Poovie” Bryant and 176 by Pat Holtzclaw.

Holtzclaw (495) and Kymmi Bowles (451) bowled the top women’s series scores.

Classic Doubles

Mike Huser led this league last Thursday with a 205 game and 568 series, followed by Carl Daniels at 203 and 554.

The best women’s games were 190 by Beverly Shearer and 186 by Tina Hisle, while the high women’s series were 520 by Shearer and a personal-best 509 by Teresa Reed.

Reed also bowled her personal best game at 176.


Ron Gugel set a new high for the season in this league with a 268 game, and he rolled the top series for the night at 708.

Randy Burgess rolled the second-best game (256) and Bill Bowles the second-highest series (670). Ronald Richmond bowled a 653 series.

The best women’s games were 204 by Sandy Reynolds and 189 each by Beverly Shearer and Sara Zuercher.

Narita Rose rolled the high women’s series at 526, followed by Zuercher at 513.


Bridget Settles bowled the high game (195) and series (529) on Tuesday, followed by Janell Williams (179) and (488).

Splits were converted by Barbara Hendren (4-6), Betty Lou Morris (2-7) and Joan Mott (2-7).

Early Birds

Gail Campbell led this league on Wednesday morning with a no-miss 235 game and a 583 series.

The second-best game was 203 by Beverly Shearer and the second-highest series was 526 by Genny Bryant.

Cash Money

Charles Glodt led the men in this league with a 192 game and 504 series on Monday, followed by Steve Dalton at 173 and 470.

The league’s ladies were led by Christy Andrews with a 192 game and 494 series, followed by Jessica Bitnar at 164 and 394.

Substitute T. J. Tudor topped all the league members with a 194 game and 560 series.

Mary Mink picked up a 6-7-10 split.

Bad Bowlers No-Tap

Nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike in no-tap leagues.

Kyle Shultz set new highs for the season in this league with a 287 game and 734 series. Steve Dickey rolled the next-best scores for the night with a 255 game and 647 series.

April Brumfield led the ladies with a 230 game and 625 series, followed by Joanna Dickey at 175 and 490.

Beginning bowler Beverly Hufford rolled a personal-best 102 game and 245 series. Joanna Dickey converted a 2-4-7-10 split.

This week’s top scores

Men’s games

Colin Green    287

Cody Dapkus    278

Ron Gugel    268

Billy McGuire    266

Barry Miller    257

Randy Burgess    256

Rick Stamper    255

Bobby Abrams    254

Mark Rogers    248

Aaron Rose    245

Ronald Richmond    244

Lewis Jones Jr.    237

Peanut Johnson    235

Brandon Simpson    233

Bill Bowles    230

Steve Woltering    230

Carl Daniels    226

David Norman    224

Shawn Barton    221

Bruce Watson    217

Glenn Masters    216

Joe Reichel    216

Matt Wieczorek    215

Terry Jackson    213

Kenny Smith    211

Merle Meade    209

Nate Rosenbauer    209

James Noe    208

Joe Bailey    207

Mike Huser    205

Lynn Estes    205

Ron Roberts    204

Lewis Jones Sr.    204

Neil Haggard    204

Todd Young    204

Russell Jones    203

Josh Jackson    200

Women’s games

Gail Campbell    235

Andi Daly    205

Sandy Reynolds    204

Beverly Shearer    203

Regina Barton    202

Carole Bales    197

Brenda Williams    196

Bridget Settles    195

Narita Rose    193

Christy Andrews    192

Sara Zuercher    189

Genny Bryant    189

Narita Rose    187

Tina Hisle    186

Shella Cobb    180