The Richmond Register

March 13, 2013

H.S. HOOPS: Central’s Ashton Feldhaus and Larryn Brooks are almost inseparable on and off the court

By Nathan Hutchinson
Register Sports Editor

MADISON COUNTY — Larryn Brooks and Ashton Feldhaus have played basketball together since they were in middle school.

And they’ve been best friends just about that long as well.

They’ve enjoyed a tremendous amount of success on the basketball court — both have scored more than 1,000 points and have led Madison Central to a pair of 11th Region Championships — and they’ve been through all of life’s up and downs together off the court.

At times they seem all but inseparable, almost as if they are unable to leave each other’s sides.

Always laughing and smiling, they never appear as if they ever grow tired of each other’s company.

During the past four years, I’ve had the pleasure of watching them play and I’ve been able to get to know them both, a little bit from afar.

They are both characters, no doubt.

So, just before the pair of standout seniors and the rest of their teammates left for Bowling Green to play in the KHSAA Sweet 16 later this week, I wanted to have a little fun with them.

With myself playing the role (badly) of game show host, I pitted Larryn and Ashton against each other in a game of “How Well Do You Really Know Your Best Friend?” on Tuesday evening after the team’s practice.

Each had to answer 10 questions about the other and the person with most correct answers would be the winner.

Trust me, it was hilarious.

I will try my best to recap the experience in words, but you have to watch the video we recorded of our fake game show.

To check out the video, go to:

Here’s how the little contest amongst best friends went.

We started with some easy questions and Ashton got the first three correct (Favorite color — blue; Favorite song — Dance With You, Beyonce and Biggest idol — Beyonce).

Larryn got two of the first three correct (Favorite color — blue and Biggest idol — Demi Lovato), but didn’t know Ashton’s favorite song.

Both knew each other’s favorite food (Larryn — Chinese and Ashton — Italian), but neither knew the most points the other had scored in a game.

When asked what was Larryn’s normal pregame ritual, Ashton wrote on the card, “Bathroom Use?” and drew a picture of, well, something that I won’t mention ... you’ll just have to watch the video.

Larryn correctly guessed Ashton’s pregame ritual — Subway, headband and socks — then both seniors missed the next two questions — Longest you’ve gone without shaving your legs (that question was a suggestion of their teammates) and What’s your most embarrassing on-court moment.

After both correctly guessed each other’s favorite NBA team — the Miami Heat — we had a tie going into the final question.

This is where we ran into a bit of controversy!!!!

With the game on the line, both Ashton and Larryn accused each other of answering incorrectly on purpose when asked what is their favorite flavor of Gatorade/Poweraide.

In the end, we called it a tie, which seemed like a fitting way to wrap up a silly, made-up, poorly thrown together game show.

And after all, both these young ladies are winners, on and off the court.

Madison Central is set to begin play in the KHSAA Sweet 16 in Bowling Green on Thursday. The Lady Indians will face Notre Dame at 9 p.m. at Diddle Arena.

Central earned a second trip to the state tournament in the past three years last week by defeating Lafayette in the 11th Region Tournament championship game.