The Richmond Register

October 30, 2012

BOWLING: Reichel leads the way at Galaxy

By Dean Acker
Register Bowling Columnist

BEREA — Joe Reichel bowled a 280 game and 747 series in the Galaxy Classic League last week.

These scores place him second on the Galaxy leaderboard for game scores this season and third for a series score.

Tyler Morgan (720), Neil Haggard (719) and Jeff Napier (716) also rolled a 700 series last week.

Narita Rose became the third woman to roll a 600 series at Galaxy this season with a 626 total in the Friday Night Mixed League, while Sue Hegelmeyer rolled the top women’s game for the week with a 226 score in the TGIF League.

League Highlights

Galaxy Classic

Joe Reichel bowled some impressive scores to lead this league last week with a 280 game and 747 series.

Ronnie Thomas rolled the second-best game for league members at 257 and Mark Rogers the second-best series (664).

Two substitutes reached the 700 series level as Tyler Morgan bowled a 720 series, which included a 266 game, and Jeff Napier rolled a 716 series, led by a 259 game.

A 600 series was also bowled by Mike E. Bryant (654), John Hickam (654), Glenn Masters (653), Lewis Jones Jr. (644), Lynn Estes (643), Carl Daniels (624), David Norman (610) and Joe Bailey (608).

Regina Barton led the women in the league with a 194 game and 554 series.

Thirty men rolled a total of 50 200-level games at this session.

Galaxy Girls

The high games in this league last week were 195 by Rita Roberts and 187 by Linda Combs.

Michelle Ratliff (523) and Dawn Bydal (496) rolled the best series scores.

Lois Evans converted a    5-6 split, while Betty Lou Masters, Bridget Settles, Linda Bowles and Brenda Marcum each picked up a    3-10 split.

Early Birds

Joyce Kearns (201) and Pat Harris (184) bowled the top games in this league last week, while the highest series scores were 500 by Harris and 496 by Gail Campbell.

Harris converted a 5-7 split.


Linda Bowles (183) and Connie Bowlin (182) rolled the top games in this league last week. The best series scores were 479 by Bowlin and 466 by Doris Gish.

Splits were converted by Bowlin (3-10), Tina Hunter (5-7) and Kathy Palmer (5-7).

Wednesday Wonders

Carl Daniels (256) and Bill Bowles (252) rolled the top games in this league last week.

The best series scores by league members were 708 by Tyler Morgan and 640 by David Norman.

A 600 series was also bowled by Bowles (628), Matt Joyce (611) and substitute Mark Rogers (668).

Miranda Reffitt led the league’s ladies with a 204 game and 604 series, followed by Rita Morgan at 190 and 519.

Rick Stamper and Cynthia Eades each converted an 8-10 split.

Friday Night Mixed

Neil Haggard led this league last week with a 267 game and 719 series, followed by Lewis Jones Jr. at 258 and 666.

A 600 series was also bowled by John Hickam (618), Glenn Masters (602) and substitute Brandon Simpson (688),

Narita Rose led the league’s ladies with a 626 series, which included two 224 games.

Beverly Shearer and Novel Davis tied for the second-best women’s game at 184, and Davis rolled the second-high women’s series (511).

Mike Begley picked up a 5-8-10 split.


Sue Hegelmeyer led all the members of this league last week with a 226 game, which was part of the high women’s series for the night (539).

Sandy Reynolds rolled the second-best game for the night (205) and Sara Zuercher bowled the second-best women’s series (528).

The high men’s games were 203 by Chris VanDall and 190 by Tim Wells. Wells rolled the best series (552), followed by Merle Meade and Raymond White at 511 each.

Splits were converted by Chris VanDall (3-10), Rizza VanDall (8-10), Margaret Tilsley (3-10) and Fred Tilsley (5-10).

Cash Money League

Ronnie Norris Jr. led this league last week with a 234 game and 566 series. J.J. Reisig rolled the second-high game (214) and Nate Rosenbauer bowled the second-best series (535).

The best women’s games were 146 by Beth Voorhees and 141 by Colleen Jackson, while the high women’s series were 393 by Jackson and 358 by Voorhees.

Bad Bowlers

Nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike in no-tap leagues.

David Robinson led this league last week with a 275 game and 686 series. Eddie Embree rolled the second-best game (251) and Steve Dickey the second-best series (616).

The best women’s games were bowled by April Brumfield (194), Barbara Brogle (194) and Genny Bryant (191).

Bryant (543) and Pam Bennett (475) rolled the high women’s series scores.

Madison Southern fund-raiser

The Madison Southern High School bowling teams are holding a fundraiser at 2 p.m. Sunday.

Anyone can bowl for two hours for $10, plus $2.50 for shoe rental if needed. There will also be a silent auction.

The funds generated will go toward meeting expenses for the Eagles’ boys and girls bowling teams.

A personal note

I was not able to prepare this column in time for it to be included in Monday’s Register as usual.

As many of you know, I had heart surgery on Oct. 22, and I am now recuperating at home with excellent care from my wife, Maggie.

I very much appreciate the prayers and get well wishes on my behalf from members of the bowling      community.

Thanks also to Nathan Hutchinson for allowing me to wait until I had regained sufficient strength to prepare this column, and for saving the space to run it later in the week.

Starting next week, I expect to return to the regular Monday publication date with the help of the Galaxy league secretaries Beverly Shearer and Lewis Jones Jr.

Last week’s top scores

Men’s games

Joe Reichel    280

Neil Haggard    267

Tyler Morgan    266

Jeff Napier    259

Lewis Jones Jr.    258

Brandon Simpson    258

Ronnie Thomas    257

Carl Daniels    256

Bill Bowles    252

John Hickam    252

Mark Rogers    249

Woody Arvin    244

Mike E. Bryant    242

Bruce Watson    236

Donnie Barger    236

Joe Sageser    235

Ronnie Norris Jr.    234

Glenn Masters    233

Lynn Estes    232

David Norman    228

David Kendrick    226

Chris Walker    225

Barry Miller    225

Keith Nash    225

Todd Young    224

Matt Joyce    224

Don L. Johnson    220

Darren Cook    219

Lewis Jones Sr.    215

Ron Gugel    215

Steve Woltering    215

Joe Bailey    214

Brandon Lutes    214

Jim Holt    214

J.J. Reisig    214

Spider Weaver    213

Rick Burton    212

Terry Jackson    211

Patrick Wells    211

Ron Roberts    210

Ronald Richmond    204

Steve McKnight    204

Dallas Thomas    203

Peanut Johnson    203

Bobby Abrams    203

Chris VanDall    203

Terry Jackson    202

Russell Jones    202

Women’s games

Sue Hegelmeyer    226

Narita Rose    224

Miranda Reffitt    204

Sandy Reynolds    205

Joyce Kearns    201

Rita Roberts    195

Regina Barton    194

Rita Morgan    190

Kymmi Bowles    188

Linda Combs    187

Novel Davis    184

Michelle Ratliff    184

Beverly Shearer    184

Pat Harris    184

Linda Bowles    183

Patricia Holtzclaw    182

Tracy Gugel    182

Dawn Bydal    182

Connie Bowlin    182

Donna Fourre    181

Teresa Wilson    180