The Richmond Register

November 28, 2013

BOWLING: Annual Turkey Shootout a success

By Dean Acker
Register Bowling Columnist

RICHMOND — The Madison County Bowling Association’s eighth annual Turkey Shootout attracted a field of 44 bowlers on Sunday who enjoyed the 3-6-9 and no-tap formats.

Bowlers received free strikes in the third, sixth and ninth frames and nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counted as a strike.

Glenn Masters (1,106) and John Hickam (1,090) recorded the best four-game totals for the men, while the high women’s scores were 905 by Beverly Shearer and 856 by Narita Rose. These four bowlers were awarded $30 gift cards.

Masters, Hickam and Gary Holtzclaw each rolled 300 games with the aid of the enhanced scoring system.

Bowlers received a ticket for each “turkey” bowled — three consecutive strikes. These tickets were entered into a drawing after the finish of the tourney. Eight tickets were drawn and the lucky ticket holders each received $30 gift cards.

Gary Holtzclaw, Miranda Reffett, Ron Roberts, Brandon

Simpson, Jamie Sowder, Jan Stepp, Luke Sullivan and Fred Tilsley held the winning tickets.

The next MCBA event will be the annual Christmas tourney on Dec. 15.

High school bowling

The Madison Southern High School bowling teams opened the 2013-14 season with four matches from Nov. 14 - 21. The teams are coached by Margaret Tilsley and Randy Burgess.

The girls topped Montgomery County and Corbin, but lost to Lee County and West Jessamine. The MSHS boys are in a rebuilding year and lost all four matches.

“Our boys are very young and very inexperienced.” Tilsley said. “The oldest member of the boy’s team is a sophomore with the rest of the team comprised of freshmen, middle-school students and one fourth-grader.”

The members of the girl’s team include: Jodeci Collins, Megan Faught, Katie Hicks, Brittany Markland, Ciara Plants, Kacy Satterfield, Heather Smith and Rebecca Sowder.

The boy’s roster includes: Johnny Carl, Zeb Davis, Kyle Maggard, Hunter Megyesi, Scout Megyesi, Derrick Richmond, John Richmond and Kevin Rodgers.

The best games bowled thus far by the girls are 199 by Rebecca Sowder, 182 by Ciara Plants, 180 by Megan Faught and 147 by Heather Smith.

The best boy’s games are 167 by Zeb Davis, 148 by Kevin Rogers, 144 by Hunter Megyesi and 136 by John Richmond.

The next matches for the Eagles will be at East Jessamine on Dec. 2, vs. Wayne County, at Somerset on Dec. 5 and a home match against Corbin on Dec. 12.

The Central boys have won against Corbin, but have lost to Lee County, Montgomery County and Bryan Station twice.

The Lady Indians have wins over Lee County and Montgomery County, but losses to Corbin and Bryan Station twice.

The top scores for the boys include 214 by Daelyn White, 196 by Blake Jackson, 188 by Grant Willoughby, 171 by Josh Maynard and 167 by Daniel Gregory.

The best girl’s scores thus far include 172 by Debborah Harrison, 164 by Danielle Harrison, 151 by Madisyn Hurst, 149 by Casey Dickerson and 138 by Nikki Vickery.

Central’s next match is against Clark County in Lexington on Dec. 4, followed by a home match with Henry Clay on Dec.9.

League highlights

Galaxy Classic

Bill Bowles (275) and Glenn Masters (258) rolled the top games on Monday.

Masters also bowled the high series (730), while Mark Rogers and Brandon Simpson tied for the second-best series by league members at 650.

A 600 series was also bowled by Barry Miller (645), Bowles (644), David Norman (641), Lewis Jones, Jr. (635), Joe Reichel (611) and subs John Hickam (666) and Gary Cromer (635).

Regina Barton with a 245 game and 637 series and Chris Collins with a 201 game and 548 series rolled the highest women’s scores.

Galaxy Girls

This league cancelled its Tuesday session due to inclement weather.

Wednesday Wonders

The high series bowled last week were 665 by Mark Rogers, 636 by Lewis Jones, Jr. and 611 by Bill Bowles.

Rogers (236), Jones, Jr. (226) and Terry Jackson (225) bowled the highest games.

Renda Roberts, Teresa Jackson and Julia Landreth tied for the high women’s game for the night with scores of 157.

The best women’s series scores were 420 by Roberts, 413 by Poovie Bryant and 411 by Pat Holtzclaw.

Splits were converted by Russell Jones (5-7) and Bruce Reffett (6-9-10).

Classic Doubles

Beverly Shearer led all the members of this league last Thursday with a 215 game and 603 series. She also rolled a no-miss 198 game.

Genny Bryant bowled the second-best women’s game (191), while the second-high women’s series was 486 by Tina Hisle.

Josh Jackson (205) and Mike Huser (195) bowled the best men’s games, while the high men’s series were 558 by Carl Daniels and 534 by Russell Truesdale.

Splits were converted by Jackson (2-7 and 4-5-7), Pam Bennett (5-10), Mary Taylor (5-7) and Dean Acker (4-5-7).

This league did not bowl Thursday because of the Thanksgiving holiday.


Bill Bowles led this league last Friday with a 243 game and 645 series.

The second-best game was 235 by Glenn Masters and the second-high series for league members was 649 by Steve Woltering.

A 600 series was bowled by three substitutes — John Hickam (659), Brandon Simpson (644) and Mark Rogers (624).

The league’s ladies were led by Sara Zuercher with a 213 game and 507 series and Narita Rose, who bowled a 556 series and 192 game.

This league will be idle tonight because of the Thanksgiving holiday.


Sue Hegelmeyer (182), Bridget Settles (173) and Connie Bowlin (172) bowled the best games on Tuesday morning.

The high series scores were 509 by Hegelmeyer, 473 by Bowlin and 470 by Settles.

Splits were converted by Bowlin (3-10), Tina Hunter (7-9) and Barbara Hendren (5-7).

Early Birds

The high games Wednesday morning were a no-miss 198 by Pat Harris and 180 each by Gail Campbell and Karen Kensicki.

Beverly Shearer (496) and Campbell (490) rolled the best series scores.

Splits were converted by Carroll Hackworth (3-10), Beverly Brassfield (2-7), Sue Hegelmeyer (3-10 and 8-9) and Joyce Kearns (5-10 and 3-10).

Cash Money

Tony Jones led this league on Monday with a 223 game and 540 series, followed by Sam Spangler at 181 and 494.

The best women’s scores were a 162 game and 474 series by Mary Mink.

Kim Motes picked up a 4-9-10 split.

Bad Bowlers No-Tap

Nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike in no-tap leagues.

Gary Cromer bowled the high game (255) and series (704) on Tuesday, followed by Steve Dickey at 233 and 624.

The league’s ladies were led by Joanna Dickey who rolled a 188 game and 489 series, followed by April Brumfield with a 173 game and a 462 series.

Kyle Shultz converted a 3-4-10 split.

This week’s top scores

Men’s games

Bill Bowles 275

Glenn Masters 258

Lewis Jones, Jr. 248

John Hickam 248

David Norman 247

Joe Reichel 245

Gary Cromer 237

Mark Rogers 236

Nate Rosenbauer 236

Barry Miller 234

Brandon Simpson 233

Bobby Abrams 229

Ronnie Thomas 228

Steve Woltering 226

Merle Meade 226

Terry Jackson 225

Todd Young 225

Ron Gugel 223

Tony Jones 223

Gary Kerns 222

Shawn Barton 221

Peanut Johnson 220

Neil Haggard 214

Robby Bales 214

Lynn Estes 213

Bruce Reffett 213

Gary Holtzclaw 213

Jim Holt 211

Billy McGuire 208

Colin Green 208

Patrick Wells 207

Ron Roberts 206

Josh Jackson 205

Lewis Jones, Sr. 204

Mike Riley 203

Will Logsdon 202

J. R. Martin 202

Russell Jones 201

John Rice 201

Cody Dapkus 201

Women’s games

Regina Barton 245

Beverly Shearer 215

Sara Zuercher 213

Chris Collins 201

Pat Harris 198

Narita Rose 192

Genny Bryant 191

Tina Hisle 188

Sue Hegelmeyer 182

Gail Campbell 180

Karen Kensicki 180